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Fighting Processed Food “Bliss”

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The “processed-food industry” have most of us hooked on junk food and their large ad campaigns and creative packaging convinces us to eat more hyper-processed foods, more often, every year. Scientists have found the balance of sugar, salt and fat that puts our bodies into the “bliss point” that point where we cant’ resist the taste and can’t get enough of it. They know just how much sugar, salt and fat to add to make it craving more and more.

Tip 1: All meals should include protein. Meals with a higher percentage of protein makes you feel more satiated (full) . Which leads to fewer calories eaten over all.

Tip 2: Make sure you are getting enough. This helps you to feel more full, but also enables you to release the toxins — sorry if this is TMI, but you should be going to the “bathroom” at least 1/day. If you are not check to see if you are drinking enough water as well as what you are eating. If you would like me to take a look at a 3 day food journal. Just send it to me in an email — it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I will tell you that most people aren’t eating enough and/or dehydrated.

Tip 3: Don’t go more 3 hours without eating. The goal of this is to ensure our insulin levels don’t fluctuate wildly through out the day.  By eating foods like whole grains, and fibrous fruits and vegetables that produce only a steady release of sugars and don’t spike your insulin.

Tip 4: Enjoy something intense. Many people believe that when you are engaging in a healthy lifestyle and eating according to clean eating guidelines, that the food must be bland. There are so many fun spices, herbs and marinades that can make food taste AMAZING!! Plus you don’t need to be a Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray to make it taste great.

Tip 5: Shop the perimeter:  In any grocery store you will see that on the outer aisles (the perimeter) you will see your natural foods ~  fruits and veggies, your dairy and lean proteins. Every thing in the middle is highly processed foods– with the exception of the cleaning and paper goods.

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Want to get balanced with your eating”  I know I sure did. Like many of you I live a “busy” life. I’m working crazy hours and sometimes don’t have the time to make myself a healthy meal. I know it’s sometimes easier to reach for the highly processed versions of food that we think are healthy because it says so on the label. Instead I’ve turned Isagenix. It has helped to stabilize my blood sugar and give me healthy alternatives when I’m unable to eat whole foods.

You can fight fire with fire—with Isagenix products that are delicious, yet are nutritionally designed to have the exact opposite goal of the products of the big food companies: to get you to stop overeating salt, sugar and fat, and become more focused on balanced eating.

If you have any questions, about how Isagenix products can help you or how to just live a healthier lifestyle I‘d love to hear from you.


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