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I’m Ready For A Change!!

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Today I was really struggling to come up with a great post, while I was procrastinating I went on Facebook and stumbled across this post from a good friend of mine.

Today your actions will help lay the groundwork for something that will get you noticed by the folks you admire most, act thoughtfully and take the high road. There’s a real change coming in your life, one that you’ve been hoping for, for a long time. It may be something you’ve been avoiding even speaking about because you fear it may never happen. Get ready, because you’re about to get what you wished for.

So I ask you what is it that you have secretly wished for’  If you stumbled across a magic lamp that said rub me and I’ll grant you one wish, what would it be’
Now imagine today is that lamp. What actions can you take TODAY that will lay the groundwork.

I know you’ve heard this before, but I have to say I truly believe and I’ve seen it time and time again when I write down my goals and get really clear about what I want, I ACHIEVE them. No, my goals don’t happen overnight, but the writing them down serves to purposes 1. It makes me get really clear about what I want 2. It makes me look at them and say what am I doing to achieve them. Call the 2nd one a nice swift kick in the tush!

What groundwork will you laydown today’ How will you begin to march toward your goals’

For me — I’m starting a new fitness tips ebook — that is my new goal. I will start by writing down as many tips I can in 1 month


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