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Don’t Be A Serial Quitter — The Hairy Eye Ball Of Truth!

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This year you will set resolutions, you know that you will even though you VOWED never again.  You know deep

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down you are setting a few.  Ok let’s call them goals instead of resolutions, I think everyone needs goals.

Are the resolutions/goals you made last year or the year before’  How’d you make out’  Are you vowing that this year will be different’ Have you learned from your mistakes and ready to move forward and succeed’

Let’s paint a picture.  Do you treat your resolutions like you are waiting in a grocery store line’ You scan the lines to see which one looks the best and get in that line.  When the line isn’t moving as fast as you’d like or another line has opened do you hop lines multiple times thinking you’ll get out of the store faster’  How does that work out for you’ Don’t pretend you haven’t done that.  We all have at some point, only to see the person who was behind you in the 1st line pushing their cart out the exit. Frustrating ain’t it!

I apologize, you’re the person who gets in a line and sticks with it no matter what, you’ll pass the time catching up on your US Weekly reading and hope something good is happening with the Kardashians and wait your turn.

Here is my hairy eyeball of truth, I only pull this one out on special occasions. The hair eyeball is when you look at yourself and the mirror and get real. When it comes to diet and exercise we are ALL looking for the magic fast lane, we keep switching diet and exercise programs thinking that the next one will be the ONE!  When we find out that it’s not the one, we QUIT!

This year I want you to resolve not to be a serial quitter.  Whatever your goal, resolution, admit that it’s going to get hard and you may not see any results and you’ll want to turn back!!! DON’T you need to see it through. When you feel like this you need to review your tactics.

  1. Is your process flawed‘  Are trying to do too much at once’ Lose weight, get a new job, have a better relationship with your family, spend more time reading, etc. Pick one a stick with it, you’ll have much more success.
  2. You’ve tried it before and you’ve failed. Remember there are very few overnight sensations and those who are, are often one hit wonders.  We’re going for the long term here, so that means putting your head down and getting some hard work done. Think Rolling Stones compared to Dixie’s Midnight Runners.  The Stone have been around since the 60’s and Dixie’s Midnight Runners they have one hit song in the 80’s.  Leave comment below if you know the year and the name of their one hit wonder!
  3. What do I gain if I quit’ So you want to throw in the towel, ok sometimes you need to, but ask yourself what do I gain if I quit and what will I gain if I continue.  By pausing you may face your hair eyeball and say that you are panicking and not making a rational decision.

I have a few goals of my own that I am currently setting, I’ll share them with you later this week. These goals are scaring the living daylights out of  me, but I will say down my hair eyeball and succeed.  There is nothing to a failure but a try!!! Happy 2011!


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