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Come & learn how we can easily modify some variables in our lives that are preventing us from having an amazingly healthy life and abundant energy. We will discuss the adverse health effects of environmental toxicity and poor nutrition and important choices you can make to protect and improve your health, prevent premature aging and maintain youthful vitality and help others do the same.

You will receive enormous value by learning how you can continuously cleanse away harmful impurities, rapidly reduce body fat, ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need to be optimally healthy, increase your athletic performance and endurance, increase your energy level, easily alkalize your body, improve your health and slow down aging. We will also present some technologies that are on the very near horizon that will significantly slow down and even reverse aging.

Bring a friend, its FREE!!
Wednesday, August 29th
Sheraton Four Points
Norwood, MA
5pm registration
6pm Event starts

If you are interested in attending, please let me know.

Fears and doubts are natural but dwelling on them can keep you from moving forward. Here are 3 steps you can do to change your thinking.

  1. Focus on the process of improving — When making changes yes you are going to have set backs, it’s part of the process, but instead of letting that get you down, dust yourself off and ask how can I overcome that obstacle the next time.  Every set back is a learning experience.
  2. Identify your trouble zones — Many clients of mine will tell me what they want and then I ask how does that fit into your lifestyle. If you say you want to workout in the AM, but have a job the requires you to be to work at 7am and your gym opens at 6am, that’s not going to work. You want to run a marathon, but only want to run 1 day a week, that’s going to be a big challenge. When setting goals look at your lifestyle and decide are you willing to make a change to reach your goal.
  3. Find the joy — Regardless of what your goal(s), think about the WHY. We all get down and all want to throw in the towel. I encourage you to really think about why you are going for it and how you will FEEL when you reach your goal. I’m big into visualization. Each night before I go to sleep and when I wake up I visualize what it will be like to achieve my goals and review 2 steps that I can take today towards it. In

If you still have any fears or doubts, reach out, shoot me an email or pick up the phone.


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