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Savage 7 2014

The Savage 7 program comes with a 7 day program of  the gives you a listing of whole foods and savage7detoxifying products, a cardio program, an at home training program, coaching and a 30 day menu to follow after the 7 days are over! We will keep you motivated and educated on how to make this a healthy lifestyle. This is not a quick fix weight loss solution. The idea behind The Savage 7 program is to help you jumpstart your body into living healthy and reducing your body’s dependence on processed foods, artificial flavors and sweeteners. What’s left is a diet rich in clean and unprocessed foods, more energy and knowledge about what your body needs to work at it’s best – expect to feel renewed and refreshed.

How does it work”

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would recommend detoxing on any level, but guess what here I am.  When I started the program I thought I felt good, but after going through the program I felt less bloated, more alert and focused. The best thing about it, I was no longer reaching for an afternoon coffee to perk me up for my afternoon classes. When I woke up in the morning I felt refreshed and often before my alarm clock and not uncomfortably bloated after eating. For the first time in a long time I was consistently sleeping through the night. On this program, you will never feel hungry or deprived.

  • What it is — This program is not a temporary one! We want you to JUMP START your lifestyle for the first 7 days and we feel so strongly about longevity that we are including a 30-day program to help you move in the right direction!  You’ll also get:
    • step-by-step guide book
      • a cardio and strength training plan
      • 30 day menu
    • a closed Facebook group where you ask questions and share your experiences
    • how to use supplements to support a detox and when NOT to take them
    • everything you need to get the results you are seeking
  • What to expectThis really depends on your lifestyle. If you are someone who eats and or drinks a ton of processed food, the first few days may be a bit of a challenge for you adopting a new healthy lifestyle. We do take into account you going out to restaurants and having a life. We recommend that you don’t start this when you have a lot going on as the first 7 days are crucial.  In your days of maintenance we give you suggestions of what to do in those social situations. If you are someone who may have a tough time going cold turkey. Let me know and we will take about a weaning process.
  • What you will feel — There are two aspects to this: mental and physical. Depending on your current diet, your body may need time to adjust to all of the changes. From a mental and physical  standpoint, you should not feel deprived. You may miss some certain foods, but that’s natural.
  • The takeaway —  You will feel more energized and will learn how certain foods affect you. What’s great about this program is that it really teaches you to make lifestyle-eating changes when it comes to your eating habits you must eliminate most of the processed junk that’s out there. This program is not about weight loss, but those who have gone through the program have found that they have lost weight and inches. For people who are eating pretty unhealthy before starting, the weight loss and inches will be much greater.

I’m feeling great!!! Down 4 lbs and feelin’ slimmer:))  — Andrea M.

Prior to the Savage 7 I was just counting calories. Yes, I lost a few pounds, but I was always hungry, tired & fixated on food. With the Savage 7 program now, I’m getting tighter, have more energy, sleep better and eating all the time.  — Tammy V.

A shy geeky male co-worker in the tech dept just IMed me: “You look thinner today icon smile Detox and Rock 1 ” Must be the Savage 7! — Whitney M.

I was able to get through the past two nights of dinner (or I should say others’ dinners) without caving or even an URGE to cave on the Savage 7! Monday night I made one of my favorite meals for my boyfriend for dinner and did not even sneak a bite and last night they had one my favorite meals at work – had to prepare the meals for my six group members and watch them eat, but I was FINE! This is not normal for me! Normal would be me going crazy and fighting like hell not to cave! — Kasey M.

4 lbs down on day 7. And I just bought my first pair of Size 6 jeggings with no MUFFIN TOP! icon razz Detox and Rock 1 Heather G.

Yes!! I lost 7 pounds on the program — Jennifer M.

I’m down like 5 lbs and definitely still smaller in the midsection. — Jennifer H.

Meal prep was a breeze – ha! I don’t have a scale thank you but I had plenty of energy the entire time and did gain a flatter belly! –  Stacy H. 

I am down 3# and more importantly, 3.75″ (from where it matters, heh, heh!!) and 1.3% BF. — Kim L.

Day 7 of the Savage 7 is done! Lost 5 inches! Couldn’t have done it without all of the support. — Tammy V.

Wore a pair of jeans this weekend I haven’t been able to fit in for over a year!!! — Tammy V. 

Are you ready to take the next step’ This program is only for those SERIOUS about taking ACTION and making some changes in their life. Click here to apply to this program. 


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