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Savage 7 Application

The goal is to release inflammation around the mid-section and tighten you up! You must track your results! savage7With any health program, there should never be an END but this is a jump start to the rest of your life! I want serious people who are ready to make a change once and for all! Apply to see if you qualify! If you qualify, you will receive a shopping list, a menu with using real food and meal timing  you will also receive a cardio plan and a training piece too.. its amazing. Can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself!!!

I was able to get through the past two nights of dinner (or I should say others’ dinners) without caving or even an URGE to cave on the Detox! Monday night I made one of my favorite meals for my boyfriend for dinner and did not even sneak a bite and last night they had one my favorite meals at work – had to prepare the meals for my six group members and watch them eat, but I was FINE! This is not normal for me! Normal would be me going crazy and fighting like hell not to cave! — Kasey M.

Summer Slim Down


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