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Three Secrets To Getting Healthy On Your Own

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When I first started to get healthy I know I need to have some help to stay focused.  I know that for some of you reading this, this may not be an optionchecklist right now. Maybe a gym membership is too expensive or the hours aren’t convenient for you.  Beginnings or hell reboots for that matter can be a tough start. You shouldn’t let that get in the way of becoming of you becoming more fit and getting the healthy body that you deserve. Here are some tips for getting fit and staying healthy if you are unable to find outside support.

  • Hold yourself accountable. Can you do this’ The best way to do this tracking your food and your exercise. You need to be able to  call yourself out if you notice that you’re slacking on your workouts or nutrition.  Now this isn’t the time to beat yourself up. But it’s about owning your shit. No shoulding on yourself, it’s about coming up with a plan and staying the course until.  Create checklist of your fitness goals each day and check them off as you complete them.  I call this your fitness non-negotiables.
    • Eat a salad everyday for lunch
    • Sleep at least 7 hours/day
    • At the end of the day if there are any empty check boxes then think back and figure out why then address the problem.
  • Be your own cheer squad. Write down anywhere from 5-10 reasons why you want to get healthier. Put them on post it notes. Leave yourself little motivational “You can do it!” notes on all over your house as reminders to keep going! Create a playlist of all of your favorite songs to keep you motivated while you workout.  Set weekly goals and then celebrate your little victories as you hit them. Focus on getting fit for you!! Not for who you want to impress.


  • Start forming healthy habits. Weight loss has to become part of your regular life, you can’t treat it as this extra thing you have to do. Guess what it will never get done. I so wish that getting healthy is something that  you can just turn on and off. Your healthy habits should be that you can build on and do for the rest of your. It can be a tough start to get healthy, eventually you’ll get used to it and it won’t even be a second thought as you make the healthy choices. Fifteen years ago I made the switch and I can’t imagine ever eating the way I did on a regular basis. Sure I miss somethings, but I really enjoy that I no long struggle with what to eat and how I should it.

In the end it all comes down to not letting yourself get down and staying focused on your end goal.  If you don’t let yourself give up then you’ll be looking back on all your hard with a fit and healthy body before you know it.


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