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I’m An Old Coot!

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This blog was inspired by a NY Times article, Bidding Farewell to Ghosts of Pain

Yes, I am or at least when it comes to taking medicine. When I grew up we didn’t go to the doctor unless you were bleeding from the eye. Do you remember from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the father thought Windex cured everything. In my house a band-aid and a kiss did that. I’m serious.. I have to have a MAJOR issue to go to the doctor. I’m still that person, there has to be something really wrong for me to go.

Not that I don’t believe that doctor’s don’t help I truly believe in the profession, I just think that now a days everyone wants to pop a pill and cure EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, every other commercial on TV is about a pill that cures you insert the alignment and people are willing to take it despite the CRAZY side effects.

This may surprise you, but this past winter I did 6 weeks of acupuncture and massage.  I had an issue with my elbow that was just not going away. I rested it as much as I could, applied ice and heat but the pain just wouldn’t go away. Yes, I did put a band aid on it and asked my husband for a kiss and NOTHING. So I figured I had nothing to lose. Guess what it worked! I am a believer.

I am pain free!! Without having to pop a pill or self medicate.


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