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Self-Belief: 7 Tips to Get Your Mind on Your Side

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One the biggest things that stops us in our tracks is self belief, confidence whatever you want to call it. Self-belief isn’t optional. It’s vital. Think of all the things you haven’t accomplished or tried because you didn’t have enough belief in yourself.  I’m not saying that self-doubt won’t creep in at times, but I want to share with you the importance of how to  belief in yourself.

We all have doubts even me!!! I’ve given myself plenty of pep talks in the mirror!!! I want to share with you how to create a reserve of self-belief and you really can accomplish nearly anything you can imagine. What would you do if you believed you could do essentially anything’ How would your life be different’ How would you feel’

Are you ready to have a little more faith in yourself’

  1. Examine your beliefs. You weren’t born with any limiting beliefs. You learned every single one of them. We all learn to limit ourselves unfairly. Give yourself the credit you deserve. What is a limiting a belief — they are stories that you tell yourself that keep you from living your full potential. Many of us don’t even know we have them. 
    • Think about the limiting beliefs you already have. Do what you can to discard them. Ask yourself if this limiting belief is really legitimate. Where did it come from’ What evidence do you have that it simply isn’t true’
  2. Give yourself an unlimited number of opportunities to be successful. It’s easy to be filled with doubt if you think you only have once chance to get it right. Give yourself permission to “fail” as many times as necessary. Learn something from each attempt.  Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” – C.S. Lewis

  3. Eliminate self-criticism. As soon as self-doubt starts to invade your thoughts, ask yourself where that inner critic is coming from.

    • Are you channeling a negative experience from the past’
    • Is the source of this criticism credible’ It rarely is.
    • It can be challenging to quiet your mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it drag you down. Focus on positive self-talk.
  4. Trust and love yourself. For one month, try being your best friend instead of your worst enemy. If you had someone who was struggling with the challenges you are facing would you be mean and cruel to them or would be be encouraging” Would you be willing to brainstorm was around the challenge’ Break it down so that it wasn’t overwhelming and challenging’
  5. Coach yourself. Everyone needs a little support and encouragement. So when you find yourself struggling, consider what you would say to someone in that same situation. When self-doubt starts to creep in, take a few minutes to coach yourself. We all have to be our own cheerleaders now and then. I’m a big believer in affirmations. I have a great app in my phone that reminds to me to positive.
  6. Think about how you would like to act. Think about how you would think and behave if you were full of self-confidence.
    • You can effectively borrow traits from others, too. Who are some of your heroes’ Sometimes it easier to imagine others dealing with a situation than to imagine ourselves. See yourself acting the way your hero would act. Think of someone who has what you want. Think of what is is about them that makes you admire them. Write down the similar qualities that you have in common and they write down the ones that you need to embody.
  7. Remember all your past victories. We’ve all accomplished some pretty impressive things, but we’re quick to forget them. Grab a pen and some paper and list all the successes you’ve experienced in life, no matter how great or small.
    • If you need help, ask a trusted friend or family member. You might be surprised at what you hear.

Self-belief isn’t about becoming arrogant or turning a blind-eye to one’s flaws. The belief you have in yourself needs to be focused on what you wish to become. You can have weaknesses. Everyone does. But there is value in being relaxed about your weaknesses and working to strengthen them.

A strong belief in yourself is a sure ticket to reaching great success. Build your self-belief and seemingly impossible tasks can become routine.



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