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What Separates You From A Fitness Competitor’

Most of you know that I train both fitness competitors as well as folks that just want to get or stay in shape. I’m often asked what’s the difference. Honestly, there is no difference between you and them other than goals.

Fitness/figure competitors goals are to compete on stage and push their bodies to the ultimate limit. This level of leaness comes only after weeks of hard work in the gym and is only meant to last for a few hours on stage. After that we open their diets so that it is much more sustainable.

When you are competing you life revolves around your workouts and your nutrition. Instead of living the 80/20 rule that I preach about, you are living more like 90/10. Some folks feel like this can live in this type of box. Sure, but for how long’ It is very mentally draining and you must be driven to keep pushing. Imagine this, you are at a Fourth of July party and everyone is having adult beverages and eating whatever they want and you’re like, I’m happy with the chicken and veggies I brought for the grill and I’m pretending my jug of water is something more than it is.  True story and True lie! I wanted to have fun like everyone else, hell it was a holiday right!  Well.. This was me a few years ago, I was 1 week out from show and I had to dig deep that I worked long and hard and there was nothing going to get between me and my goals. So that meant going to the party and having to hear people making judgements about what I was doing and/or asking me if I was sure if I couldn’t just have x, y or z. It’s really hard to not roll your eyes or just yell shut up and let me do me and you do you.

Now if that’s what you are willing to do, then yes you can be a fitness competitor.

Do you need to be one to work with me NO..  After my 9 year run, I stopped competing and worked really hard to come up with this sense of balance.  Balance between what would keep me fitting into my pants and allow me some fun foods and drinks with my friends.  It’s taken  me sometime, but I have found it.  The key was to get my hunger, my energy and my cravings in check.  I had to find my tipping of of food vs. exercise. You see I no longer wanted to work out like it was my full time job, I want to find balance and lose my manic ways.

I now only workout 4-5 times/week and spend no more than 1 hour in the gym.

My Lean & Sexy program is all about finding this balance and this tipping point that works for you and your life.


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