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2012 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Been dreaming of a Bikini’  Are last year’s summer clothes a little SNUG’  Looking to tone up and blast some fat before the summer hits’

Dear Frustrated Dieter,

Now that time to ignite your inner strength and prove to yourself that you are strong enough to make the changes you need to rock your swimsuit their season, wear a tank top, or fit back into last year’s summer wardrobe.

  • Do you feel frustrated, alone or afraid, when it comes to trying to lose weight’
  • Does the word DIET or the thought or WORKING OUT cause your stomach to knot up’
  • Does the combination of changing your nutrition and your workouts, simply sound like way too much work’

If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions, You may be suffering from I’m Done With Dieting Syndrome

Here are the symptoms:

  • Diet-a-phobia: You tried so many diets and you aren’t sure if you have it in you if have another diet in you.
  • Start Fright: Not sure where to begin
  • Cardio Queen: I’ll just hop on a machine or go for a long run
  • Diet Sloth: You simply don’t feel ready to start
  • Diet Boomerang: You are afraid of losing the weight and gaining it back

In fact, you secretly feel afraid at the very idea.  “You’ve been saying to yourself, I have plenty of time to hit the gym and ready for summer.”  Yet, here we are weeks away from the unofficial start of summer and you are no closer to your goals.  Are thoughts of moving to a cooler climate dancing through your head so you and put off the dieting process.

When you reach that point (i.e., when you finally realize you that Memorial Day (the unofficial start of summer) will be here soon.  You’ll belatedly discover that…

Fab Fit Squad Women Don’t Wait!

Instead, they take action.

  • They decide what they want
  • They set clear goals
  • Follow a clearly laid out plan
  • Have a burning desire for success
  • Get a support system
  • They are prepared
  • Don’t let obstacles get in their way

And they best of all they GET RESULTS!!
The Real Secret – Why Some People Get FAST RESULTS

…and the majority don’t.

You see, the majority of dieters always has an objection.  (It’s almost automatic.)
Someone suggests something that’s out of their comfort zone and before they can even blink, they’re already saying: “Well, that wouldn’t work for me right now because…”
What you’re actually doing, when you find this happening, is operating out of fear.  And that never helps you get where you want to go.  If anything, it takes you further away from your goals (while slipping the blindfold more firmly over your eyes).

Oddly enough, one area of where most struggle with getting into the best shape is committing to getting consistent with both their diets and exercise. This is where the rubber meet the road. Where begin clean up your diet and up your workouts.
People hang back.  They go to the gym, but just go through the motions or are more concerned about reading the latest gossip rag on the elliptical than breaking a sweat.  They’re busy ” making sure everything is “perfect”  or they hid behind a computer screen with an obscure screen name posting on blogs asking questions  or reading about what they should be doing in terms of nutrition and working out .  How are these strategies working out for you’
The successful lifestyle changers have learned how to operate out of confidence, not fear.  They’re hitting the gym, packing their lunches, prepping themselves for the week ahead, and setting themselves up for success… now is the time to stop sitting on the sidelines and TAKE ACTION!

Join Me in the 30 Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Hey, no one’s saying you have to rush out tomorrow and go to workout seven days/week and live off diet soda tic tacs.
In fact, if that’s what you’ve been thinking it takes to get results, you’ll be relieved to know that nothing could be further from the truth!
The Fab Fit Squad 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge will help you to:

  • Develop an overall vision of wellness
  • Gain confidence
  • Understand who you want to be
  • Understand how to be a diet problem solver
  • Try new things to help you break out of your comfort zone

Not feeling you have what it takes to be a successful to make the leap to successful dieter who gets results.
There are many diets out there (each one can be molded and combined in any shape you please!)
So if you’re a member of that faceless fraternity who thought that all diet programs were all about learning systems and methods that don’t reflect the real you and will leave you eating boring bland foods or not enjoying a night out with friends.  Do I have the solution for you’

Introducing, The Fab Fit Squad’s 30 Days Summer Slim Down.

During this 30 day Slim Down you’ll

Clean up your diet
Learn new ways to workout
Feel stronger
Get tighter
Be prepared for any food situation
Jumpstart your fitness program
Gain a confidence you never thought possible.

You see, there’s another reason why many hesitate to start their quest to get into the best shape of their lives. You’ll get daily emails

  • Weekly group phone callsJoin The 30 Day Summer Slim Down
  • (1) month of workouts
  • (1) 7 day menu template
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • Private Facebook group where you gain group support

They’re just not quite sure what to do next.

That’s why I’m offering you this special chance to take advantage of my 30 day Summer Slim Down Challenge:
Over the next 30 days, we’ll discuss the 4 major components of what it takes to make a lifestyle change!  Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 30 days.
Days 1 -7: Cleaning Up Your Diet
Days 8- 14: What’s a Great Workout
Days 15-21  How To Make A Great Menu
Days 22-28: How To Keep It Going
Day 29-31: Burning it in!

Here’s what others have had to say

Kim has been able to keep me motivated on my personal body sculpting goals, all the while providing a fun and flexible atmosphere. She encourages my feedback on any given workout routine, and her personal approach has built my confidence in and outside the gym . She has helped me lose 25# in 5 months and is able to help me truly achieve a healthy work to life balance. Not only that, but I’ve gained a great friend who really cares! –Kjerstan F.

I started doing Bikini Blast last summer because I was bored with my usual routine and wanted some extra motivation to get me to the gym.  I am so glad I did!  One of my favorite things about working with Kim is that I got to learn a ton of new exercises and I’m no longer intimidated by strength training!  Working out with Kim has been a great experience and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to mix up their routine or get into the habit of working out. — Yasmin H.

Plus You’ll Receive Checklists to Help, You Stay on Track and on Target!
You’ll get 4 handy checklists (one to accompany each week to make sure you’ve missed no opportunity to put every single strategy and tip into practice).

  • Checklist # 1 will help you…Brainstorm and plan food choices.  You‘ll review the clean food list and begin to think how you can incorporate into YOUR life.
  • Checklist # 2 will show you…How to set up your workouts.  What should come first cardio or strength’  How do you combine cardio and strength and is it possible to get an effective workout at home.
  • Checklist # 3 will set you up to…Know what to choose when eating out, surviving family events and other summer time holidays
  • Checklist # 4 will assist you to…Understand the importance of food labels.  What you and shouldn’t buy organic’  What’s up with artificial sweeteners’

Now is the time to step up for the challenge and blast some FAT!  Don’t let another summer come and go without you taking action.

Get started with “30 Days Summer Slim Down Challenge” today!
2012 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge
$149 ($382 regularly priced)

Join The 30 Day Summer Slim Down Buy now!
Hurry program starts 4/30/2012

If you’ve been wondering why you need to start your 30 day summer slim down challenge, the simple answer is…

So you can get ahead of the summer!!! You don’t want to be one who is wailing in frustration, because yet another summer has passed you by!
After all, the hardest part about any fitness program is getting started.  In just 30 days, you’ll leapfrog ahead with tips and techniques that will put you on the path to the body of your dreams!
By joining the Fab Fit Squad’s 30 day Summer Slim Down Challenge you’ll also avoid common mistakes made by most dieters such as:

  • Being confused by all the nutritional information that is out there.
  • Fear of “diet” failure
  • The sheer thought of starting another program makes you cringe.
  • Not sure where to begin

Join The 30 Day Summer Slim Down Buy now!
Offer exp. 4/30/2012

Yours In Health,

Kim Barnes Jefferson


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