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Set Goals Based On Your Life!

The majority of people like to write up a huge list of goals and while having lots of goals is great, it also makes it hard for you to achieve them all. goalsSometimes it is much easier to set goals based upon your life. There are certain areas that you can identify and set goals for. Experts actually recommend setting goals this way as it helps you balance out your life.
Some of the areas of your life that you want to take a look at include your:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Fitness & Health
  • Personal relationships
  • Education
  • Recreation

All of these things combined can help you achieve a balanced and well rounded life. Not just for yourself but for your family as well.
It is best to start with one or two goals in different areas. Remember that creating a balanced life will take time, so don’t rush the progress, enjoy it. Look for the two top areas that you would like to improve first.  We know that I talk exclusively about health and fitness, but in my personal life I go through these categories each year and set priorities based on what I’m looking to achieve. The key is that I set 1-2 goals/area and some areas don’t get any goals. I use these categories as a guideline.  I open this up because yes health is important, but I want you to have a full life that is support by your health.

If you are still not sure where to start go through each of the points above and write down notes about how you feel.

  • Education —  would improving a certain skill make you more money or secure you a promotion’
  • Health — how would you feel if you woke up in the morning feeling energized and ready to face the day no matter what’
  • Relationships — do you want to improve your marriage, get married or maybe start a family. Do you have a rift in your family that you want to mend.
  • Money — we either want to avoid or stress about this topic. Do you need to save more’ Find another stream of revenue‘ Work less but make more’ Have enough for retirement.
  • Recreation — when was the last time you enjoyed a vacation with your family or just had some good old fashioned fun with them’ My husband and I have made a new pact that at least once a month we are going to have a weekend of fun. Now that doesn’t mean money. It just means spending quality downtime together. 

Once you have written out your objectives for each area your next step is to prioritize them. You may want to stop feeling so sore and tired all day so working on fitness and health related goals would be extremely beneficial to you.
Prioritize those areas which hold the most meaning for you and set goals around them. Quite often some of these areas will overlap as well. You may find that working on a financial goal actually helps improve your education at the same time.
Once you start achieving your goals you will notice that your life improves. You will feel happier and so will those people around you. So make this year the time to really do something about changing one aspect of your life.

If fitness and health is a goal you want to prioritize. I’m starting my new Lean & Sexy group. Registration will open up this June!


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