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Set Realistic Weight Goals

A new client of mine approached me with a big challenge.  She as a number of goals that she wants to achieve over the next year, she wants to:

  1. lose over 100 pounds
  2. pass the bar
  3. graduate with her MBA
  4. start interviewing for a job
  5. start dating again
  6. potential attendance to the inauguration of Barack Obama

Do you have goals like this’  Have you ever set goals like this’  Now honestly tell me how successful have you been’

Many people have these goals and if they don’t achieve them within a few weeks, they get disappointed and go back to their old habits and behaviors. My advice to her was slow and steady wins the race.

Instead of focusing on the top of Mt. Everest, let’s set up a number of steps along the way, and celebrate each step.  This will help keep you motivated to keep going. I also encourage all of you to tell as many people as you know what you are doing say that way, they can help hold you accountable and provide a little encouragement along the way.

These next 2 will be the hardest of all

  2. STAY POSITIVE!! You can do this and You will do this!

2 thoughts on “Set Realistic Weight Goals”

  1. I will stay off of the scale. Instead I started to measure myself with a tape measure.
    Staying positive is easy when you have great rocks such as yourself.

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