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Setting Yourself Up for Success In 2017

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Don’t treat your goals as pass-fail. Instead of having only two options set your goals up in a way that you have multiple ways to succeed. The best way I know is to hit your goals is to create small ones that build to your large goals. As you reach each one you will feel good about it and be motivated to continue.

I really wish I could tell you that I live to run, but no, that is so not the case. When I was training for my ½ marathon I remember I lived for pushing through the miles. Each mile that went by made me excited, because I was almost done running.

To hit your goals you need to set up a way to track. If you don’t measure, how will you know when you hit your goal or how much work you need to do to get there.

Tracking your goals you can use something as simple as a basic spreadsheet and then record your progress. You can decide what the time interval, some people prefer to track weekly while other prefer to use a daily tracking system.

Set yourself a monthly, weekly or daily target that you can achieve. This could be something such as increasing the amount of exercise that you do or not having a glass of wine every night after work. As you meet each small goal you are again setting yourself up for continued success.

Do you want to dive a little deeper into how to set yourself up for success in 2017!!! I’m hosting a 5 Day Healthy Living Challenge.

During the 1st week of January we’ll work through the 5 Problems Everyone Has With Healthy Living and How To Solve Them.

When it comes to getting healthy, have you stopped and started far too many times to count right. It happens to all of us, we start off with a bang and either come to a slow stop or come to an abrupt stop. Either way you, you get frustrated and you are mad that you on the sidelines again. I hear you.

I’ve been in your shoes!!! Not any more I’ll share with your 5 Reasons why you may have failed in the past and best of the HOW to solve them!!! Care to join me” We start Monday, January 2nd. Plus you’ll get a workbook to help you map out YOUR strategy!! #trueyoumastermind #newyearprep



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