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Should You Eat Several Small Clean Meals Per Day’

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Most of us have grown up eating 3 square meals a day; breakfast lunch and dinner. However, the wisdom of this convention has been challenged with increasing regularity in recent years. There are those who insist that eating 5 – 6 times per day, but reducing the amount of food per meal, is a more efficient way of monitoring your intake, is healthier for your body and can lead to weight loss. So does it work”

✳️Claim 1: More Regular Meals Increase Your Metabolism — By eating several smaller meals every day you are increasing your metabolism more regularly. The truth is that the amount of energy you use when digesting food is directly related to the quantity of food to be digested. The net benefit of more regular meals in this instance is little.

✳️ Claim 2: Eating More Frequently Helps to Control Cravings  This is a far more practical claim, and one that is more readily accepted by many health experts. I’m always asked about “snacks” for me I don’t have “snacks” I eat mini meals. When I do this, by the time you start to crave a snack, it’s time for your next mini meal! Eating several smaller meals per day can be hugely beneficial in monitoring calorific intake.

✳️ Claim 3: Eating More Frequently Helps to Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Levels  This claim stops dead in its tracks when compared against actual science. The theory that blood sugar levels can be more accurately maintained by regular meals makes sense, but in practice it has little impact on most people. The science simply isn’t there to back it up.

So what do you do”

Yes, eat more frequently. Pay attention to YOUR body, to determine the number of meals that work best for you. Are you hungry, do you have cravings and how are your energy levels. All of these are clues telling you to change something.  At the end of the day, I want you to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you and you will stick to it. If it doesn’t, stick to what does work. It’s that simple!


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