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Sick and Tired of Starting Over’ Change Your Weight Loss Mindset

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Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one. #mindsetiseverything

To be successful with weight loss some form of change is required. You’ll need to change your

  • eating habits
  • level of activity AND
  • the way you think (especially if you really want lasting success).

Do you find yourself failing to lose weight over and over again’ Hey you are not alone many fall into that trap including me. Sure I’ve been a trainer for years, but I was also a fitness competitor and basically yo yo dieted for over 9 years. I found including myself that when dieting I tend to focus on the food and the working out. We all tend to skip over the mindset piece leaving it to willpower. So I ask you is your mindset sabotaging your weight loss efforts’

Over the years I’ve found the following are some of the most common ways people are defeated by their own mindset.

  1. They have an all or nothing attitude.

The best advice I got from my mentor was you can go hard, you can go long but you can’t go hard for long! I say this with all the love, patience and respect I can muster, if you think the only way to lose weight is to restrict what you eat to only the healthiest of foods and spend all of your time exercising, then boy are you wrong. There are plenty of coaches out there that will tell you that you should never eat fruit again or a carb ever again. Hell even Oprah eats bread. Let’s get real; in the past how have strict rules worked out for you’ Where you happy or did you feel stuck, miserable’ For my clients and me its about balance. With balance you can have tasty treats, balanced with healthy foods. Sure have pizza just not the whole pie. You have a piece of pizza and a side salad. Have a big ass salad with a nice glass of vino. You see a little fun and a little clean eating.

By restricting yourself you’ll find yourself craving the foods you’re depriving yourself of. You’ll find yourself thinking about them all the time which can lead to binging or a chronic obsession with food. Any one feel like this”

Let’s take it another step when breaking from the all or nothing mentality, you are going to choose your battles. If you are already eating cleanly then you are going to focus on your workouts and vice versa. If both are in order you are going revisit what tweaks can be made, maybe you are under eating and over exercising or vice versa. The best thing is that you are going become a detective and unlock the mystery of YOU!!

  1. They put other people’s needs before their own.

As we women we are programmed to be caregivers. I find that many of my clients either Mommies or folks caring for aging or sick family members fall into this trap, you’re so busy taking care of other people that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. You want to eat right but you’re so busy doing things for other people you find yourself munching on junk or not eating at all’ Are you nodding along in agreement”

No matter how hectic your life is it’s important to take time to take care of your body. Your health is important and it’s worth the time. Just like they tell you on an airplane put your oxygen mask on first AND THEN assistance the person you are traveling with. My love you are the primary care giver and if you go down who is going to help’ Once you take some time to put together healthier meals and get in some exercise you’ll find you have more energy than ever before to do what needs to get done. Many of you are already heading to the grocery store, so pickup some healthy options to munch on. Wanna say more time” Many grocery stores now deliver right to your door. Just set up a shopping list online and just check off what you need it’s as simple as that. Your crock-pot is your best friend; throw a few simple ingredients in the pot and in a few hours voilà a feast. I’m also partial to blending up healthy protein shakes. As for getting in exercise it can be as simple as pulling a 30 min on-demand video. If you search #fatburningfriday on Facebook or Instagram I’ve done tons of workouts that you can do with little to no equipment. Doing some jumping jacks, pushups and squats during commercials. Hey if you need to clear your head it can be a quick walk around the neighborhood.

  1. Your mind is full of negativity.

If you’ve failed at losing weight in the past I know that it can be difficult to stay positive. What makes this time different than last time’ Your mindset makes a difference though. If you think you’re going to fail, you’re going to fail. This is where I ask you to get a little woo woo with me. I want you to close your eyes and image what will it be like when you hit your goal weight. What will you feel like, what will your life be like, what will you possible do differently” Keep them close take a good 10 -15 minutes to really think and FEEL when you achieve this goal. Got it. Are you smiling” Is your whole body feeling it!! Good

Next step take control of your inner monologue. Remind yourself that this time is going to be different because you are You’re going to make it happen. You are going to work on your mindset and push out negativity. If I may say it like this, tell that negative Nancy in your head she needs to shut the up!! I encourage each of you to come up with what I call a highlight reel it’s a series of motivation videos, quotes affirmations and pictures that help you to feel happy and motivated. There are plenty of days that I don’t hop out of bed feeling my goals and want to roll over and pull the covers back up over my head, but then I review my highlight reel and it’s typically the kick in the tush that I need to help me get my rump out of bed. Change can only happen when you’re positive it will happen. Need a little additional support, please join my Facebook group, Fit Girl Magic. This is is where I hang out and provide free trainings and weekly challenges.

Do any of these sound like you’ If so it’s time to put an end to the self-destruction. It’s only when you develop a healthy mindset about weight loss that you can start to see real and lasting success!


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