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Simple Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings

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Addicted to sugar’ You’re not alone! Millions of people have developed an addiction for sweets. Studies have found that sugar can be just as addictive asavoid-food-cravings cocaine or tobacco. Beating the sugar demon is tough especially because it’s in so many foods that you wouldn’t even consider.  I’m gonna be honest with you, it will probably be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. The key to success is to stay committed to your goals and find the best strategies for avoiding temptation.

Sorry for pointing out the obvious. Eating sweets and desserts makes you crave more sugar. It’s a vicious circle that never ends. It’s no wonder why you’re craving sugar all day long.

Some of our cravings are around habits, for example, say you have sugar cravings every day around 7 p.m. It’s probably because you just finish dinner and had a hard day and want to give yourself a reward. So.. here are two strategies. 1. Distract yourself —  call a friend or go outdoors for a walk. You can even wash the dishes or take a shower! Do whatever it takes to get yourself busy.  2. If going cold turkey isn’t your think, you can scale back, so you allow yourself 6 treats that week, then 5, then 4. You get what I’m putting down  🙂

We also have foods that just trigger use to lose our stuff! Here is where you become a detective to determine what sets up you to crave and unfortunately binge. Is it just seeing or being around it, stress or other emotions. Now that you determined this, you can work to find healthier substitutes.

Another proven way to beat sugar cravings is to increase your protein intake. Protein is known for its appetite suppressing properties. Not only it feeds your muscles and cells, but also keeps you full longer. When you’re craving sugar, eat a high protein snack. Boiled eggs, protein bars, walnuts, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt are your best options. These foods also promote weight loss and boost your energy.

Make sure you eat more fiber. This nutrient regulates blood sugar levels. Most people are craving sugar when their bloog glucose levels drop. The best sources of fiber include whole grains, whole rice and pasta, seeds, raw nuts, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, and cauliflower. These foods also contain complex carbs, which are slowly absorbed into your body. As a result, they reduce hunger and cravings.

I’d love to hear your feedback, what is something you crave and how have you been able to find a healthier substitute OR crush that craving.

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