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I just started reading the book Skinny Bitch based on my friend from the gym’s recommendation.  She said it had so funny moments that it was very in your face direct and I like books like that. I am about 1/2 through the book and it has stirred up some mixed emotions for me.

Points I agree with:

  • some women are sick and tried of being fat
  • there is no such thing as diet, its a way of life
  • stop eating sh#%t
  • Junk food, even fat free, sugar free is a chemical sh&%t storm
  • you are what you eat
  • fats are good for you (in moderation of course)

Points I have trouble with:

  • Vegan-ism
  • Everything organic — can be a little tough on your wallet if you are feeding a family

Eye opening points:

  • Animal cruelty in slaughter houses
  • Slaughter houses in general

I’ll let you know how it ends.


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