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No more skinny jeans!!

Dear Pants Manufacturers of pants,

You are missing a big market. The women’s fitness market. My fitness league of ladies and I have one simple need.  We need to be able to buy pants to that FIT!!!  Yes, most days I wear sweatpants and sneakers, but on the days I do need to dress up I’m left stranded. These days I walk into most women’s clothing stores and yes I see different cuts, but 80% of them are straight through hip and thigh, skinny though hip. I’m grateful they have different cuts, but 90% of the inventory is not “curvy” they assume most of us are cardio queens and don’t hit the iron!!

Us fitness ladies, we need pants that cover our J.LOs without leaving a gap in the back and pant legs wide enough to fit our quad sweeps. Are we asking for the world’ I thought working hard in the gym would leave me cheering me in the dressing room, but with limited pants choices I’m reduced to tears and frustration in the dressing room.

Instead of making just pointing at the poop on the carpet I’m going to give you some suggestions. Men have athletic cuts, but nothing for us ladies. The designer who can answer this missed market, would make a fortune. Fitness women need pant legs that supports us dead lifting or squatting a small child.  So.. the label should read generous through hip and butt area.  I’d also put some stretch into those pants this would really make us fitness girls feel sexy and sporty at the same time.

Here is where I press my luck.  I’d also like to see an athletic cut shirt. Many of you see fitness girls wearing tank tops. It’s not because we hot or showing off. It’s because we can’t find shirts to fit our shoulders or biceps without looking like the hulk busting out of his clothes.  Just like men, ladies need athletic cut shirts to give us a little breathing room in those areas.

I can’t be the only fitness minded women who thinks like this. If you are struggling like I am, leave me a comment below. If you’ve found a designer who’s clothing takes fitness bodies in mind please leave me a comment below. I’d also love to hear from a designer. Is what I’m asking for really difficult’ Is the market not big enough’


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