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It’s A Skinny, Ultra, Sugar Free, Low Carb Margarita

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Now that I have your attention. Many of you have been sucked into the marketing hype that when I drink an alcoholic beverage as long as it’s sugar free, skinny, no carb, low carb etc that is good for me. Well.. sorry when you combine alcohol with ANYTHING you still need to account for the alcohol calories. One gram of Alcohol has 7 calories. When you drink an alcoholic beverage your body doesn’t know what it is, it consider alcohol to be foreign object, a toxin that your body sends to the liver to be processed. As alcohol is absorbed it reaches the liver it broken down into a substance called acetate.
Our bodies are lazy and it’s like to burn the stuff that’s the easiest. Acetate is like lighter fluid to your body. It can easily burn it so it will go there first before it will tap into your bodies fat storage. Plus — your body is always looking rid itself of toxins so it will keep burning the alcohol until it’s all gone. For just one drink your fat burning could be halted for 24 hours. So if you have a high alcohol intake this could turn off your fat burning switch for a number of days. Yes, I said A NUMBER of days!! In a nutshell alcohol prevents weight loss.

Beside the obvious side effects of alcohol. Consuming alcoholic beverage alters the balance of reproductive hormones and cause the body to produce excess estrogen causes bone deterioration. We also know that alcohol increases our actual hunger level and your resistance to tempting foods is zero.  So.. between the booze and the excess food you are taking a few steps back in the weight loss game.

Now I’m not saying that booze is the devil! What I am saying is weight loss and alcohol don’t mix well.  You must pick your battles. If you are going to be drinking alcoholic beverages make smart food choices — you are to avoid overly carby, cheesy, fried or non lean protein sources.


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