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Sleep Does a Body Good


We all want to get shit done. We’re grinding, hustling and building our empires, but I tell you if you are dragging ass NONE of that will happen. Plan on getting in at least 7 hours of sleep — no sleep, no energy, no energy, no hustle, no hustle, no money!

Are you hearing me now!

Create a ritual around your bedtime!!!  Making something you look forward to.
😴 Each night I read for at least 10 minutes or 10 pages.
😴 I meditate for 10 minutes
😴 I write at least 3-10 gratitude’

So… What do you do before bed”’ Creating a ritual helps you to look forward to going to bed and getting the sleep your body needs. Join me on Tuesday where I share 10 ways to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.  Replay  Show Notes


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