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My Wellness Vision

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I am in the process of completing my wellness coach certification and during this process you are to create your own wellness vision so that you can better understand what its like to create one and how to guide your clients in the process.

So you may be asking what is a wellness coach’  Wellness Coaches not only support your fitness efforts, they help you understand and take steps to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The crux of understanding how to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle is painting a picture of what your life would look like and how would you feel when you achieved your healthy lifestyle.  While painting this picture you will also look at what is YOUR motivation, not someone’s for achieving this lifestyle and what steps are you willing to take to make this picture become a reality. The vision helps you think about how you are going to motivate yourself to achieve your wellness vision.

Here is my 3 month wellness vision.

  • To fix my muscle imbalances so that I may stay active for a long time
    • What is motivating to achieve this goal. I’m (like it or lump) getting older and still want to be as active as possible
    • My main obstacle is finding the time to take care of myself– yes you read that correctly. I struggle with that life balance, taking care of myself versus the needs of my clients, business and family. Just like you I will and can find plenty excuses to do other things, like train my clients or work or things around the house. Yes, as much as I love working out I too struggle with this.
    • My strategy around this is to put my workouts in my calendar and make an appointment with myself, this isn’t an option.

The key to achieving my wellness vision is to break my vision into small digestible goals. I will break them in what I want to achieve in 3 months and the steps I will take weekly towards achieving my goals. If you notice my goals are SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Specific = My goal is phrased in a way that answers these questions — Who, What, How, When, Which, Why and Where

Source: Beginner TriAthlete.com

Source: Beginner TriAthlete.com

Measurable = This is how you are going to measure progress and action towards your goals
Attainable = This is where I look to you want to challenge yourself, but if there set your goals too high you may lose interest in attaining them
Realistic = The goal needs to be realistic for where you are, as stated above it should challenge and motivate you to keep moving forward, but should not kill you to achieve your goal.
Timely = You need to set a timeline, a goal without a timeline is just a dream.

3 month goal

  1. To compete in the Women’s TriFitness Competition on July 10th

    • I will focus on the areas of the competition that I am weakness
    • I will bench press 3x/week
    • I will do the box jump 3x/week
  2. I will be able to complete 10 squats with weight in good form
    • I will begin doing corrective exercises 3/week
    • I will take a yoga class 2x week to increase my flexibility and stability
  3. I will rid myself of sciatica pain
    • I will make an appointment for the week of July 12th to meet with Aaron Brooks, posture specialist
    • I will stretch for 30 minutes a day
  4. In the off-season, I will not exceed 10 pounds above my contest weight.
    • I will stick to the 7 day sugar shutdown program devised by my coach. This will help me with my sugar cravings, yes I do CRAVE sugar
    • I will workout 5 day/week by doing a combination 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training

Weekly Goals:

  • I will update my Falmouth Road Race training schedule
  • I will review my Tri Fitness training and see how to improve
  • I will read 1 chapter in my wellness coach manual
  • I will make an appt with my training buddy to practice coaching
  • I will update the Fab Fit Squad blog 3x/week
  • I will take 1 yoga class/week

Each week, I will keep you up to date on how I progress on my wellness vision. Need help crafting yours. Let me know.


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