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Spring Training! 10 Ways To Get Back Into The Swing

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When does your spring training kick into gear’ Is it when the last of the snow melts. Daylight sayings’ Or is temperature driven. Although I train year round, I am a wimp when it comes to the cold. I know I did train for a half marathon in the heart of winter. Umm… yes, I LEARNED my lesson. For me I start to get the spring training bug around the time of the Boston Marathon, or when I can comfortably go outside in a t shirt and shorts. Again, I’m a wimp so I’m not one of these people who do that when its 50 degrees outside. I know here in New England we get anxious because if you wait 5 minutes, you may miss your weather window. And we are all very wary of not having a summer like we did in 2009 so you want to make sure you take advantage of every great weather day. Before you go out all gun ho guns blazing here are some tips to help ease you back into the swing of spring.

  1. Be prepared — As I mentioned here in New England it can be bright sky and then pouring rain, so make sure you have a packable jacket. This also applies for the temperature, so make sure you dress in layers.
  2. Slow and steady — If you got up to running 5 miles before you hung up your running shoes last fall, don’t expect to pick up where you left off. You will need to ease back into your routine.
  3. Gear up. This is the time to review all your gear to make sure its in tip top shape. You may need to get a tune up for your bike, new sneakers or a new workout outfit.
  4. Dump the junk. Easter was weeks ago, if you or your kids still have any goodies lingering. DUMP THEM. If its in the house you will eat them. Trust me, goodies have a way of calling out to you in the night.
  5. Update your ipod. Music keeps me moving during a tough workout. I try to update my pod at least 1x month. I keep a list of songs that I want to download and then add them to my playlist.
  6. Mix up your food. With the Spring comes a new influx of fruits and veggies. Try adding some variety into your diet, it will keep you on track and stop you from getting bored.
  7. Sign up forĀ  a team. There are plenty of adult leagues that will help mix it and make you feel like a kid again.
  8. Give yourself an incentive. Your incentive could be signing up for a road race. Go here for a full schedule of races. Plan a trip or activity where you can wear that little black strapless dress that’s in the back of your closet.
  9. Change your perspective. Throw your scale out of the window and instead of focusing on your weight try a different measuring technique. How do your clothes fit’ How do you feel’ What’s your energy level’
  10. Grab a partner. You more likely to stick to your goals if you have a friend along for the ride. Both of you will hold each other accountable for your actions.

If you have any other tips, I would love to hear them. Just leave your comments below.


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