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Start Losing Weight Taking These 2 Steps

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When it comes to talking to people on our podcast, I always look for people who can help to enhance your understanding about health, fitness and dieting. It is my goal to bring you an array of people to help you broaden your knowledge of these things! And’I think that I am doing a pretty good job with that! (Gonna’toot my own horn!lol) And’this podcast is no different! Start losing weight with 2 simple steps” YES PLEASE!


My guest, Claudia Wilson,MS,RDN, CSSD is so amazing! Not only as a person but’at what she does as well, plus she has a bunch of letters after her name! (wink) She has written a book called’One-Two Punch’and it is making the heads of people spin at how simple’it can be to lose weight and be healthy! Like 2 STEPS PEOPLE!

So here is a little bit about her! Claudia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition (CSSD) and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Trainer (CSCS) with a master’s degree. Short version, she’s a health and lifestyle coach. She created ONE-TWO PUNCH to simplify eating, provide education on nutrition and offer tools to have at your fingertips. The book came together from meeting with thousands of clients and creating a method that is easy, doable and sustainable.Food touches every aspect of our lives, and everyone needs to eat. Because of this, your relationship to food and your body is important, but it doesn’t need to be hard. ONE-TWO PUNCH shows you how!

This book is really the bomb dot com, and you have to pick up a copy for yourself. I love this book because it is simple! It doesn’t over complicate things and it really breaks down the education on these 2 things that you can do to start losing weight. This is a book that hasn’t been published before. It is a concept that Claudia came up with because she saw how making things overcomplicated can just stress us out! It’s the complicated diets and fads that make people say, NOPEEE I am not doing this!They get stressed and things end up sometimes worse than when they started. A healthy level of cortisol is helpful, but too much works against us if we are trying to get to a healthy weight or stay at a healthy weight!

So, by simplifying the process, we can understand clearly what we are doing and stick to it with 2 simple steps. And we have to start by understanding that our stomach is like an incinerator. When the doors are open, you are going to burn food when you are hungry. When the doors are closed, you are putting food on a closed-door incinerator and it’s going to sit there and there is more potential for fat storage! So, what does this mean’Eat when you are hungry, NOT 5 times a day!

Our society is so fixated on saying that it is bad’to get hungry because it could lower your metabolism or lead to overeating and’this 5 meals’a day grew and morphed from those concepts.Not to mention most diets are promoted from, I am going to solve your hunger as if it is this really bad thing.So instead, we need to be comfortable with hunger. We need to know what it ACTUALLY feels like to be hungry!!!

If you are regimented and attached to a schedule and routine to eating, psychologically there is a reason why you are adhering to it, and it can be very hard to break out of it. So, it will take some work. If you are trying to get to a point where you are listening to your hunger, then you will need to check iIn with yourself during your daily schedule. Instead of following through with eating at your scheduled time, stop and see if you are actually hungry.

Now if you are overeating daily, not attached to a schedule, but just eating whenever you feel like you need to or are compelled to, there is a reason for this, and we have to dig down into this. Are you an emotional eater or eating when you are stressed’ Now, this can be painful to look at the reason you are overeating, I am not going to lie. But it is the only way to get to a place of just not doing itThe only way to get THROUGH is THROUGH!

Listen, we all know that over-eating feels good.. That is the whole point… But we sure as heck don’t like’the outcome. So going through this is going to be very hard. It is actually called the SHIT PILE! Everything that needs to be dealt with goes into that shit pile.And the clients that get better, are the ones that go to the epicenter of the shit pile.It’stinks and it’s awful but eventually they come out on the other side. So, step in and own that shit!!!

Once you have figured out your shit and the reasons for your overeating, you are going to jump into the 2 main rules when it comes to eating in the One-Two Punch. Focus on these 2 things and your life is going to be SIMPLER!!

1. Recognize when you are hungry. Give your body food when it’s most likely to burn it. (When you are hungry)
2. Eat a fist size portion of protein and a fist size portion of carbs when you are hungry, every time you eat. Don’t worry about grams, calories, etc.

By doing this, the One-Two Punch and by balancing those 2 things, you are going to avoid sugar highs and lows, you are going to stay full longer, feel better and feel more balanced.
Now, super important, don’t think about all the things you cannot eat. Because that is just going to trigger you to think about those things and crave them more. Instead look at it as balancing those carbs, etc. This is not about what you can’and can’t eat. If you want a piece of chicken and a cupcake. Then have that. Just make sure it is the size of your fist. And don’t do it every night. But if you have that craving, go for it instead of avoiding it.

EVERY single diet starts with the Do’s and Don’ts of that diet. What you can and can’t eat. It’s black and white and it leaves no room for gray areas. Allow yourself to be satisfied with your food as well. So, if you keep denying yourself that 1 cookie, you are going to try and eat 10 different things to get over that cookie. And in the end, EATING THE COOKIE was the best option out of everything!

With the One-Two Punch there is no wagon to fall off of here. So, if you cave and have that cookie, its ok! You aren’t self-sabotaging yourself. You aren’t going against anything. Just keep moving forward. This goes for if you had too much in a meal. So, you overate!!! IT IS OK!! Take a deep breath, hydrate yourself and WAIT until the next time you are’hungryyyy!!!

I also want you to think about this though There is always a cause and effect. Why was I hungry all day’ Did I drink enough water’ Did I sleep enough last night’ Ask yourself some questions, because then you can start to recognize patterns. There is always a’why’as to why it happened.

Now in the book, it is split into 3 parts:
1. Burn when you are hungry.
2. Balance protein and carb
3. Become Become is the practice to becoming thee’you, you’have always wanted to be.

Practicing these principles in the book will help lead you to that person you want to be.

So how do you know if what you are doing is working’Claudia recommends NOT getting on the scale!! If you get on there and nothing is happening, you immediately say this isn’t working and need a stricter diet! If you lose weight, you start to not pay as much attention to when you are hungry or full. Then if you gain weight, you know it doesn’t work and you think you need a stricter diet. Something you know is working.

Instead, try to be patient. Your clothes will start being lose that is the first sign. Hang in there with the practice! Stay in the moment and don’t future cast. What do you need to focus on in the next hour and today’ Let’s FOCUS on the next time you get hungry! And just keep doing that over and over again.

Losing weight can be a complicated, an up and down journey, but a journey that is worth taking to get to the other’side. I like this because we can still do all the heavy lifting over here, while still focusing on a fist full of protein and a fist full of carbs!Because when I have control I can start chipping away at other things in my life.

What is one thing that makes you feel magical

I am lucky that I like to exercise, and when I finish a cardio workout, I feel magical. I feel like I can conquer the day!!

Also, the other space is when I am laughing. When I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts, my abs hurt, and I am almost crying. I LOVE that laughter. I love it when that happens and that feels magical to me.

Magic makers this is SUCH a great book, definitely get it and read it! It is seriously going to change your life! Want to get the book for free’ Head to the link’Here’and just pay $4 shipping and Claudia will send you the book for free! Be sure to use the code:MAGIC

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Claudia Wilson

Use the code: MAGIC to receive a FREE book when you pay $4 shipping/handling


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