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Steal The Exact Process Fitness Professionals Use To Cruise Through The Holidays

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Only 8% of people who make resolutions are actually successful! With New Year’s just around the corner, I know some of you may be thinking of creating some.

On on one hand I think New Year’s resolutions are awesome because they give us something to strive towards, an ideal that we can be a better version of ourselves. Somehow when we achieve this resolution our slate will wiped clean. My challenge with New Year’s resolutions is they are made purely out of tradition rather than with intent to actually make a change.

Now I’m not being negative Nelly, so I want to make sure that you don’t let yourself fall victim to the “diet” pitfall when setting your New Year’s resolution!
When you decide to make a healthy lifestyle change you should be going into it with a lot of thought about what you want to change and how you’re going to do it. Just deciding at the spur of the moment that you’re going to be healthier as the clock counts down doesn’t really give you much of a chance to do the research and planning you need to make healthy, informed decisions. It’s good to make the choice to become healthier, but it should really be something that you think hard on rather than something that just happens to come to mind.
Here is where I advise my clients to set 2 week sprints. Take your overall healthy living goal and break it down into what will you accomplish in the next 2 weeks. This gives you short term targets to hit and when you hit them you’ll feel far more accomplished. When you feel accomplished guess what you’ll want to do more!!
Most people approach getting healthy as this all or nothing thing. They go ALL in and then get burnt out. They are trying to change way too much to fast. Some find that they are unable to sustain that change and they fall off the “wagon”. If you’re planning to “get healthy” or “lose weight” for the New Year, make sure that you’re planning on doing it in a stable way that you’re going to stick with until you reach your goals.
Don’t let yourself be tripped up before you even start with a temporary frame of mind that doesn’t have much thought or planning behind it.
I’d like to help you get a jumpstart on your holiday resolution. I’ve asked 12 fitness professionals to give their best tips on how they get through the holiday season stress and weight gain free. Each day you’ll get one simple fitness tip, recipe, or workout that can be done anywhere. Want in” Grab it right it right here.


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