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Blend and Don’t Ban Foods

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You love treats. You want to have cake at your kids’ birthday party or hell your own birthday. You love a good glass of wine or your alcohol of choice. Many health coaches will tell you just say no but is that really life! I’ve seen this firsthand when you tell yourself you can’t “have” a certain food you can’t get it off your mind. Interestingly enough this can be a healthy or an unhealthy food.

When I work with clients, I encourage them to break free from the good/bad food list remember number 2. I work with them factor in their fun foods. I also ask them what foods are non-negotiables (ie. for me it’s cream and sugar in my coffee)

Think of it like this, you love French fries you could torture yourself and not have them or steal them off your dining partner’s plate OR you could order your own.

Take a look at what you are ordering is there a healthier choice you can add. If you are having a burger can you tell them to not serve you the bun. Can you order a side salad’ Can you ask them to grill or broil it so you can have those fries.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down’ Finding a way to make it a “bit” healthier but not denying yourself. As I mentioned before when you keep denying it sets you to go on a big-time bender. 

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