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Stop Believing These 3 Lies About Getting Healthy And Fit

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I’m here to bust some myths about what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy!
I have to shake my head cuz some of the stuff I hear is just CRAP!
There are a few lies floating around about what it takes to actually be healthy and fit.
My Thrive Method will break it down so that you can go from stuck to thriving in no time.

If you want to to get healthy and fit this you, you’ll want to download the Thrive Method.It’s normal to feel hesitant to make changes. Maybe you don’t make the change cause it seems “hard”.

The problem is that many of your hesitations might be based on information that just isn’t true.
Let’s bust a few popular health and fitness myths.
Myth #1: Go Big Or  Go Home 
Most people believe that in order to get fit it’s all about going beast mode. Every workout they must hit a PR, every meal must be spot on or the results will skip over you.
That is simply not true! It’s consistency that helps with the results.
CONSISTENCY is deciding and doing what you can do on a regular basis. It’s something that you can add to your daily life.
Maybe for you it looks like:
▶ Pack lunch
Have protein shakes for breakfast
Set a bedtime
▶Meditate for 5 minutes/day
Add 15 minutes of exercise
▶It could be something that you stop doing
▶Have 1 less soda
Have 1 less cigarette
▶Chocolate 😍
Myth #2: In order to get great results my follow an exact blueprint 
You’ve been told HOW to do get fit.
HOW to lose weight. HOW has the worked out for you’
Do you have lasting results’ Do you feel accomplished’

I’m sure you feel like I did, dazed confused and fucking disappointed. 
Seriously, you followed the rules and it got you where” Back to square one.

Here is where I challenge you to be CREATIVE.

It’s time to break the rules, you decide how much time YOU have to devote to getting healthy and you DECIDE how eating healthier and/or getting fitter will work for you.
You are the driver! You can DECIDE!
▶Have walking meetings when possible – either in person or using your phone – pop your ear buds in and go
▶Set your activity tracker to remind you to get up and move every hour
▶Get up 15 min early and do some form of exercise (yoga, body weight exercise or any other exercise that inspires you to take action)
Plan fitness dates with friends and/or family – it’s a great way to catch up and get fit at the same time
Myth #3: I need to be perfect in order to hit my goal.
Most people believe that if they are perfect with their workout and nutrition that BOOM all goals will be met. Hmmm.. not so fast my dear.

Perfection will punch you in the face and call you a sucker! To hit your goals what you need is CONNECTION. 

Change of any kind happens when you feel connected to the outcome. So many times we set goals with no real thought behind them.
They are goals we think we should go for and then we wonder why we don’t achieve them.

We set goals for all sorts of reasons:
▶someone else gives you the goals — your doctor
▶living in the past — former weight or dress size
▶general comparison – social media, friends

To see long term results, you need to feel connected to the outcome. Simon Simek calls it “your why”.

Here is where you do a deep dive and go underneath the layers so you can connect to your goal.

When you are committed and connected it’s impossible to not reach your goal. Dream with me for a minute. Who hasn’t ever dreamed of sinking the game winning shot. That is how you feel when you are connected to your goal.

You can close your eyes and just see you nailing it.

Once you feel the connection MAN it’s magic everything seems to fall into place. I want you to have that same feeling! Connection is also the thing that keeps you going when you don’t wanna stop.

Take a look at your goals and ask yourself what makes you passionate about achieving them.

When you think of your goals can you see them happening’ Do you feel them in your bones’

Now that I’ve we’ve shattered some major myths about getting healthy and fit.
I hope that you are feeling confident in figuring out how to THRIVE on your own terms.
Click here to get your free copy THRIVE METHOD.

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