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What’s On Your Stop Doing List”

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In 2009 I went to a breakfast and heard Suzy Welch speak about the myth of doing it all. Back then I was so caught up in my perfectionist style and felt I need to do EVERYTHING!!!

I heard her speech back then and immediately started a stop doing list. I recently heard someone talk about this list and told myself it’s been awhile since I looked at my list.

How do you come up with your list” Ask yourself this question.

1) What are you deeply passionate about’*
2) What are you are genetically encoded for — what activities do you feel just “made to do”‘*
3) What makes economic sense — what can you make a living at’*

Here is my 2017 updated list.
The 2009 and list 

So now I thinking, I don’t have to it all, so what am I going to stop doing!!!

  1. Stop comparing my hustle. I don’t compare my fitness to anyone else’s, but someone I get caught in seeing where other people in there businesses and thinking I should be further along.  That’ stops NOW.
  2. Not speaking my mind in all venues. If you were to meet me in person and meet me online I want you to already know me. I’m sassy in person and will be session online.
  3. Finishing what I start. I’ve started and stopped so many things. I’m done over committing if it’s not something that I NEED or can truly commit to and finish, I will not do it.
  4. Stop multitasking!! This was on my previous list and will be on this list too. I’m a professional multitasker, if I’m not doing 5 things with my hair on fire I feel like I’m standing still. Over the last year, I’ve been using the Pomodoro method when it comes to working. It helps me to focus for 25 minutes on one thing and then have either 10 or 5 minutes to switch my focus.
  5. Stop wanting everything to be perfect. If I doing something just okay. That ‘s fine. At least I’m taking steps. Consistency will pay off in life way more than perfection. This will also help me with my procrastination issue. Just leap!!
  6. No to do list. I use to have this long list of shit to get done. Guess what it never got done!! Over the last few months I’ve focused on finishing 3 things/day.

So tell me what are you going to stop doing’

*source danielle laporte


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