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Stop The Negative Talk!

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Why is it so much easier to believe the bad vs the good’ Why don’t we ever look in the mirror and say, what nice eyes I have or wow my skin is so smooth. Instead we look at ourselves and see all the flaws and talk badly to ourselves worse than anyone would ever say to us. Hopefully, no one talks to you the way you talk to yourself.

We are own worse enemy. We can nit pick ourselves to death.  In my third week of the Dr. Oz tv show Get Happier Challenge, this week I am to stop the internal/external negative talk and when I do find myself thinking or saying something negative about myself  I am to create a diversion for myself so that I start to change it to positive self talk.

Given that I am contest mode, this is going to be a real challenge. The last few weeks of this challenge have been good, and really made me realize that I am a truly a happy person. But this one. Oh BOY!

Competing is SUCH a mental beast! Again here where I my own worst enemy. You scrutinize EVERY step you in the process. Am I working out hard enough, am I eating the right things, am I adding enough muscle or leaning out enough. And so on and so on. Fortunately for me, I surround myself with a great friends who keep me grounded as well a great coach who doesn’t put up with the negative talk. Instead she always ask the question are you doing everything that you should be doing to prepare, if not, do it now. The person I am most fortunate to have that is my ROCK is my great husband. When I’m feeling like my milkshake isn’t ready for prime time, he’ll just tell me I just need patience and  it will come.

When I feel the negative self talk coming on this week, I will do 10 burpees. I HATE BURPEES they suck out loud. That is will stop me from thinking negatively.

How about you can you go a week, without any negative self talk and if you do what will you do to distract yourself, who will be your rock.


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