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Strategy: The Secret To Weight Loss

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So many of you tell me, I would hit my goals if I just had a plan. A program is a blueprint for me. If I had that I would follow it to the T and I would just be rocking my goals. I would be hitting them on all cylinders!

I get it! I wanted that too for so long! I dreamt of a mythical plan that would come down on the tablets like in the movie the 10 commandments, telling me what are the good foods, bad foods and if I were to follow this for the rest of my life I could get any goal that I want! BUT THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!

There is no one size fits all. I know that some of you have been dieting since you were 15 and it just isn’t working. There is no wiggle room, you are either on the wagon or off the wagon. Ladies, I’m here to tell you that being healthy CAN BE effortless and I want to help you get to that point in your life with your health and wellness!

You do not have to keep pressing the reset button. You are not a video game, you don’t have to keep pressing the reset, reboot button over and over again! Most of you HATE not being able to eat what you love and drink the drinks you love and eat the foods you love. Right” We want to go out with our families for dinner and not be over-analyzing the menu before we even show up! AND most of you hate diets because there is NO wiggle room. You are following a program or not following a program.

I want to help you with this. I want to help you get off of the diet wagon and get on the LIVING YOUR LIFE wagon! So, this is all about strategy and how you can work your way towards that. In past shows we went over Consistency and why that is imperative to reaching any goals you set for yourself. And we have also gone over Accountability and what it means to you to be accountable. How do these strategies that we talk about today go hand in hand with consistency and accountability’ How does this lead to having a balanced life’ The life you want to be living!

Like I said, I want you to have that life that is balanced. A balance of having fun or being more restricted because it’s your choice. Eat the cake on your birthday or your family’s birthday. Eat it, love it, and you are done. There is no working it off! I don’t want you to worry about eating something bad and punishing yourself. THERE IS NO PUNISHING yourself here ladies!! Listen, I was that person that was on the wagon and off the wagon. So I have been there and done that.

Deep in my mind as I was going through my crazy, I said to myself it has to be different, it can be different. I don’t see other people stressing out about this! There are so many other things in my life, I just can’t spend any more brain power on my food and my workouts!!! I wanted a life where I can put perfection on the shelf! I wanted to get out of my own way! I wanted to be done feeling guilty for not working out for a certain amount of time and I was done trying to be perfect!

So. If you are living off salad, water and gum, this is for you!

This is my superpower ladies! I work with clients to create a repeatable program that works for THEIR LIFE, and I base it on my 5 C’s! (I know there are 6 I can count! LOL but two of them go together, so I say 5!!)
1. Clarity
2. Choices
3. Connection
4. Creativity
5. Courage
6. Consistency

We have to get crystal clear as WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT! What are you looking for’
Let’s get precise and do a little at a time. Some of you are chasing several rabbits at the same time. And that is not going to work! Because guess what” If you aim at nothing, I always hit it.

If I had to choose, what would be my priority’ What is the number one thing I want’ The best way to reach your goal is to focus on what is the most important thing to you at that time. And remember, this goal doesn’t have to be huge, it can be small! The words might seem small, but the concept is huge!

In the goals:
What are the things you want to achieve’
What is on the high burner’ The thing that is most important to you.
What is on the medium burner’ The next most important thing.
What is on the low burner’ Something that doesn’t take precedence over the others and doesn’t need a lot of focus on.
Focus on one thing at a time. That will get the most attention! You want the most attention in that high burner and then you sprinkle the rest of the attention onto the rest. Also, I want to mention, we are all going through different seasons in our lives. For one person their career may be on the highest burner a few months out of the year and then the other times of the year their fitness goals may move up to that spot. Do you have a period in your time that is like this, and you are busier at a certain time vs another’ Take that into consideration as well.

CLARITY is simple! We have to get clear about what it is that you want. You want to be crystal clear about where you are going and where you want to get to with your goals. Talk about it, voice it to others, voice it to YOURSELF! Make sure you know what it is you want.

When you get clear on what exactly you want then you can make CHOICES! And the choices are,This is what I want and what are the choices I need to make.I want those choices to be stupid easy and it needs to be simple! So take that #1 burner spot and this is where we focus on the non-negotiables. These are the things you aren’t already doing that feel easy. (This has to be measurable.) So an example would be, I want to moderate my drinking, so I will only have 1 drink during the week, or only 2 on the weekend. What are your scenarios’ Get specific! Because what gets measured gets done!!!

This is where it gets hard.. Now you have to CONNECT. You have to FEEL THIS GOAL. This is your motivation. What is your reason’ Because your motivation is going to come from your why!! What is my motivation and why do you value this goal’ Why did you make this goal’ Health reasons, disease, family, fit into my pants in my closet’

This is where you get CREATIVE! We are going to work together through some mental and external barriers, and this can take some time. You may feel stuck because you like certainty, plus, you have been doing this the same way for years and you just don’t know the right way! Get ready to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY! With certainty I can say change is good, I can say to get different, I have to do differently.
If you are looking in the mirror with whatever you are doing and you like how you look, rock on with your bad self, tune me out. But if you are at the point where you are saying to yourself I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE, this feels so hard, I am never going to achieve my goal. This is for you.

You ask must ask yourself hard questions. What do I have to lose’ What does success look like to me’ Can I sustain what success looks like to me’ It’s a lot of inner work, I will be honest.

But right here is where you and I together can dig deep and figure out where we can get started. We want to get you to a place where you want to be without the guilt and stress.
A mentor once told me, You can go hard, you can go fast, but you cannot go hard and fast for long?. So where is the easiest place to start with you’ This is what we do when we get creative?

You are going to take baby steps to strip away and get to the ultimate goal!

COURAGE! Do you have the courage to continue to stay the course, to prove yourself wrong, to prove yourself that you don’t need a 2-hour workout’ (That you can get it done in 30 minutes.) I want you to start picking up small victories and keep an open mind!
Mindset is having the courage to do things differently. Shift the focus to the process so you have a repeatable process, that way if something goes wrong, you can look back and say this is what I did and this is where it fell apart or this is where I got good results!
What part of your process isn’t working for you’ This will help take consistent actions.

CONSISTENCY. You can control the process, but you cannot control the outcome! What did you do this week’ Did you go to the gym and get in 3 workouts, did you honor your process’

You cannot expect results if you don’t stick to the process to get those results.
Big rocks move the dial for you when you are trying to lose weight. I can always improve my process, but my results will always come from my process.

For example, my big rocks I need to do to stick to my process is a caloric deficit and moving my body 3 times a week. I am on the road to weight loss and setting myself up for success. The more I do it and repeat the process, the more my body will respond to these inputs! What can I do day in and day out that doesn’t feel hard, doesn’t feel like heavy lifting’ Because guess what”’ The way you get your goal is the way you keep your goal! Also, a little note. Plan for obstacles. Things are going to happen. Life is going to happen. So be prepared for when LIFE HAPPENS!

So, to work on consistency, you have to work on those 3 non-negotiable things that you do every single day. By doing these every day, it will move that dial in the direction you want! These are the 3 that I do, and yours will be different, but this is what I need to do.
1. Move my body every day
2. Big ass salad for lunch
3. Slept for 7+ hours every night

Do these every single day and it will be like clockwork. Then when they become easy then you can add 3 more! And so on and so forth!

So, are you ready to create your plan!”!

While creating your plan here are some questions you are going to want to ask yourself! This is what I call my REPS formula!
1. Is your plan realistic for where you are in your life’
2. Are you excited about it’ Can you hop out of bed any day of the year and be like yeah, I am going to crush this workout’
3. Can I make a plan for it in my life’ So, my life doesn’t revolve around my plan’
4. Is this sustainable’ Can I see myself doing this for the next 5 months, 6 months, 5 years’ So, it feels good and effortless!

This sets you up so that there is NO reboot button or restart yourself ever again after we work together!! There is no unplug and replug! There is no restart every single Monday. So if you have been doing any of these things, this is the time to start! You have nothing to lose but the weight?

So join me and sign up for my Reboot and Refocus waitlist and don’t ever worry again about making a promise to yourself that you cannot keep!

No better time to start then right now!


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