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Quick Summer Self Care Tips!

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Spend time with people who make you happy!

They might be family members, they could be close friends, but if they don’t make you happy you should cut down the amount of time you spend with them. Other people’s actions are the cause of many problems for a lot of people, whereas positive actions and words can help us to feel better about ourselves. Be kind to yourself by spending more time with those you love who motivate and help you, not those who bring you down.

Spend time outdoors
Go for a walk outside without a final destination in mind. Just walk until you want to turn around and then head back.

Create a done list
Write down a “done” list that helps you relax by explaining all the things you have already accomplished. 

No need to complicate it. Write what makes you happy. What you are grateful for. Ask yourself the question, what do I need to know and just write.

Fill it with warm water, Epsom salt, and just chill!. Want to get fancy add in some essential oils.

Begin with the practice of releasing tension in all your body parts. Focus on the feet first and release tension in that area; move up to your ankles, etc. Do this until you have reached the top of your head. For some practitioners, tightening and releasing muscles as they go along makes for greater awareness of the release.

Binge-watching TV
No shame no guilt. Just put on your favorite thing and chill! I’m a Hallmark movie junkie, what’s your favorite’

This is so simple and mindless, just grab your kids or purchase an adult coloring book OR your kids and just enjoy.

YouTube videos
I have what I call my highlight reel. Whenever I’m having a bad day. I pull up YouTube and it makes my day a bit brighter.

Want more ways to enjoy a guilt free summer’ Grab my new guide right here.


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