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Superfood Sunday: artichokes

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Artichokes are the oldest fruit known to man and similar to the lobster you must work to get to the good stuff. Artichokes are a significant source of  425 grams of potassium, 61/2 grams of fiber vitamin C, folic acid and 72 grams of  magnesium. Virtually fat-free, the artichoke weighs in at 60 calories (per medium artichoke) and is low in sodium.

They are in season from May to March and the biggest growers of Artichokes is the California.

When buying an artichoke you will want to:

  • choose an artichoke that has tight leaves
  • one that is heavy for its size
  • a deep green color
  • a squeaking noise when the leaves are rubbed together
  • avoid any artichokes that have cracked leaves or are showing any brown discoloration.

More artichoke facts are available here.


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