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Are You Surrounded By The Right People

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One of the top reasons why people don’t workout or eat healthy is because of their environment.
It plays a huge role on your levels of motivation and passion and excitement for your goals.
Are you naturally lucky to be surrounded by positive people’ Do they support your success and well-being.
If that’s not you, it’s up to you to put yourself into a positive environments where you can get that positive support and encouragement you need to succeed.
When trying to get healthy, it’s important for you to take a look where and who you will be spending most of your time
Your family, your co-workerw, partners, customers and so on.
I’d also include where do you spend time online.
Do you spend time in Facebook groups, forums or any virtual group hang outs ‘
All of these environments that you spend time in, socialize in and interact are either going to help you move towards your goals and feel amazing about them. These groups can help you, feel encouraged to keep going, or they’re going to pull you away from that, make you feel crappy.
It’s up to you to evaluate which ones are worthy of your time and which ones you need to stop spending so much time in and maybe cut out entirely.
Your friends and social media should inspire you. Now if you find yourself falling into the comparison game then it’s time to find a new circle.
One great example of this is a mastermind group.
There are tons of different mastermind groups available nowadays, where people of a like mind, get together to build each other up and share ideas.
Maybe you need to be spending an hour a day in social media instead of an hour a day in some other group where the group complains about the world and the bad things going wrong and who’s doing what wrong and which government policy and so on.
A simple switch of that environment could change your entire life, could change your entire set of motivation.
So do a full environment audit. Drop the places that don’t inspire you and spend time in the groups and with the people who inspire and make you want to be a better person.
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