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Are U A Cardio Queen’

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Not it…. I am roughly 5 weeks out from a NE Classic. Here is where the dollar values double. Eat clean, lift heavy, do your cardio or GO HOME. Everything counts! My cardio has gone from 45 min to 60 minutes 6x/week. I have a confession. I HATE CARDIO. Yes, I hate it. I know that their are many pros and cons to cardio, but its the best way I know to lean out of a show. I can strength train all day long, but ask me to do cardio longer than 30 minutes the excuse monster comes up with some real doozies.  Being on a piece of a equipment for 60 minutes makes me kooky. But it has to be done.  Here’s my plan. I play a ton of mind games.

  • The first game I play is splitting it up.
    • 30 minutes in the AM and 30 minutes at night.
  • I machine hop, if I’m at the gym at all off peak time
    • 20 min of running intervals
    • 20 min step mill (love this machine)
    • 20 min elliptical
  • I watch TV, give me a MTV marathon or VH1 decade count down and I’m hooked (see why I stink)
  • I will do metabolic circuits where I swing a kettlebell for 1 minute and then jump rope for 1 min and rest for 1 minuteRead More »Are U A Cardio Queen’


I am currently doing Insanity and its awesome! I just did the FitTest and was SWEATING profusely in my living room. I previewed the next workout to see if I would find it as challenging and WOW, I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.
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Last Big Run

The Falmouth Road Race doesn’t allow ipods so I have been training without one. I am now realizing that listening to your footsteps and your breath while you run is quite meditative.