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Get Happier in 28 Days

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This afternoon while I was on the elliptical I was watching the Dr. Oz show. Today’s show was talking about people who are “Debbie Downer’s” and how he was going to help this women get happier in just 28 days. The women talked about the relationships that she has lost and that she really believes that the glass is half full. It got me thinking, am I “Debbie Downer” AKA DD. I do know of some DDs and yes I have distanced myself from them because just didn’t want to get caught in their negativity cycle. But have people distanced themselves from me because I’m a DD.  God I hope not.

Dr. Oz said he could make you happier in just 28 days. So, I’m going to the challenge and prove to myself that I am not a DD.
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