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Count down to Women’s Tri Fitness

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I just landed in Vegas, the temperature is a balmy 101. I know that say its a dry heat, but it still hotter than Hades out there, I’m not complaining because I do love the heat. Actually as I sit here and type I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jacket as the hotel likes to keep it like Antarctica. But I digress… So the actual competition doesn’t start until tomorrow, but today was weigh in for the bench press.. Which in my mind is the scariest part of this whole competition, you need to bench press 60% of your body weight for 50 reps, my goal weight to lift is 75 pds.  I got on the scale in my house and my unofficial weight had me 4 pounds below the top end of my weight class SWEET!!!. This morning at 8am — after flying 5 hours I get on the scale I’m 5 POUNDS heavier than I was at home, are you SHITTING ME!!! I retained that much water from flying or someone had their foot on the scale!Read More »Count down to Women’s Tri Fitness

Kim Barnes Jefferson -- Women's Tri Fitness

Goal Achieved!!!

Throughout this year, I have been periodically posting about training for the Trifitness competition. Well — I DID IT!!! I just got home off the red eye and had to tell you all about it. 1st let’s recap what the event is all about.

  1. Grace and Physique — you are judged on your body conditioning and grace walking in 5 in heels
  2. Obstacle Course-– only 24 women can do this course in less than 1 minute. My 1st time through, I did it in 88 seconds. The back half of the course is pure SPRINTING, OMG I thought I was going to die. But was so proud of myself of fighting through!!! Can you say mental stamina. Let me paint the picture. It was 106 in Nevada!!! You are hydrating like crazy, so that you don’t have a heat stroke or cramp up due to dehydration.
    • 10 foot Wall
    • Running Grid
    • Incline/Decline Monkey Bars
    • Balance Beam
    • 15 foot Cargo Net
    • Shuttle Run
    • 3 Low Hurdles
    • Steeple chase jump
    • Under and Over Bar
  3. Read More »Goal Achieved!!!


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