Happy New Year!

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Here in Boston today is the first day of school for most kids. Every year at this time I feel like its time to reset the clock and refocus on my 2010 goals, with approximately 116 days left until January 1, 2011. I have plenty of time to make major headway.Read More »Happy New Year!


Summer Wardrobe Malfunctions?

I am no longer in corporate America, yet I still have a good idea what to wear when I do have to go in and meet with corporate clients. Frankly I’m surprised at what I see when I arrive, I feel over dressed and not even skin showing. What do you think? Am I being a prude?


The Unofficial Start of Summer

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we all have visions of summer vacations dancing in our head. Already this weekend, I’ve heard so what are your summer vacation plans. Which is funny because this morning I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday Morning on [Vacation] CBS and they were discussing the concept of vacation.