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How to Really Start To Use Accountability For Your Health

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I wanted to talk to you about something I hear far too often from people and it is something that is holding them back from pretty much everything! And that is, “If I had more discipline I would be able to do……..”  There is SOOO much that we hang our hats on with DISCIPLINE and I totally get it.  Between 2020, what a freaking year, and all of the distractions in our lives, it can become challenging.  And so many of us say that if I was more disciplined, all the things I could achieve… and I have been there, I have said it too!


So…. How do I help people start to keep their eye on the prize’ How do we stop being so reliant on discipline and really start focusing on the US!’

Guys, discipline isn’t an elusive creature…it’s like a freaking unicorn.  I know we want to see unicorns and glitter and fairies. But it’s more about the belief of the unicorn. The belief that gets us what we want, vs the discipline.  Discipline then comes when we trust ourselves. When we believe it is going to happen, and when we take smaller swings towards what we want!

So many of us want to be LeBron James or Michael Jordan of dieting.  You don’t just roll up and just bang out the points on the board!! That’s not how it works!  I want you to stop looking for the home run or the 3-point shot and just go for that simple easy layup. That is what my basketball coach always told me and it’s true!  Stop making it so hard, make it simpler!

I want you to start to think about what your life would be like if you had your goal’ What would that be like’ If you closed your eyes and said if I was living the healthy lifestyle, I was desiring to live, what would that be like’ What would it be like if you woke up every morning like, I GOT THIS.  What would life feel like for you’ AND… What is 1 thing that would have to change’

DON’T pick 50 things either! You can’t change 50 things at once and not feel overwhelmed… This is why it’s so important to pick 1 thing.  Then prove to yourself you can do this 1 thing.  Knock it out of the park and move onto the next.  Then consider what life would be like if you didn’t hit this goal.  Could you give up on the goal and be ok’  Or would you always come back and be like ugh man, I am so bummed I let myself off the hook on that one!

What is holding you back’  Are you not going for it because it’s too big’ Or you failed in the past’  I’ve done all those things! I have kicked myself in the butt because I didn’t do whatever!  But if it keeps coming back to you.. Then guess what…  it’s something that you want.  Instead of giving up on it, I challenge you to ask yourself.  What would my life be like if I didn’t hit this goal’  This answer will tell you if you really want it.

What about STRESS…. Does this goal cause stress’ Many times, it causes you stress because you tell yourself things have to be done before you achieve this goal… Trying to juggle all these balls in the air’  How do you take away this stress’  And that is to give yourself 1 thing to focus on, instead of a billion!

I want you to also think about what would be the one domino that will knock everything else over… then things started to happen.  For me, the one domino was sleep.  For you, what is that one thing or what would that one thing be’  If you could get this one thing done, the rest of your dominos will fall into place’ I read this book a few years ago and it was a game changer, if this sounds of something interest – grab a copy https://amzn.to/36tta3Q

ACCOUNTABILITY is huge when it comes to goal setting and discipline.  And accountability looks different for everyone.  For me, in order to get to over 75 podcast episodes out, I rely HEAVILY on my team. I know that if I don’t give them all the pieces, they need each week to put the podcast together, then they are going to be reaching out to me on Trello, like HEY KIMM!! This team is giving me accountability.  This is what holds me accountable so that every week I put my booty down and talk into a mic! The second thing I do is line up the guests, have the transcript, the bios, the audio, the pictures, the pieces they need to do their job. Because I know I need to be accountable to them and they are accountable to me so that every Wednesday there is an episode to upload for you to listen to!

So what does accountability look like to you’  I really want you to take some time and think about this. If you hire a private coach like myself, my accountability as a coach, is you checking in with me every single week. By doing this, you know that I am there for you.  I am also not one of those coaches that will chase after you week after week. I will let it go a few weeks, then see what is going on with you. But if you need more accountability than that, then we need to have a conversation.  As a coach, I don’t want to be that nag, but I want to give you your space.  I want you to know I am here for you.  And trust me, I know we have busy weeks, but if it goes on and on and I don’t hear from you, I’m going to be like, “hey what’s going on!’”.  I want you to know that I am here for you without being that nosey neighbor!

Let’s look at your journey in a new light.  Look at things in a new way, instead of saying I am going to give up.  So what if we had the courage to do something differently’  Instead of saying I am going to exercise more and eat less, what if we said to ourselves, what is going on’ What are some of the habits I picked up that aren’t sustaining this lifestyle that I want to live’  We have to stop and see what is happening and maybe some of those habits aren’t contributing to what you ultimately want.  Sit down, unpack and uncover.  When I stopped what I was doing and did that, that is when life became effortless!

I also want to mention something I talk about often and find it really important to bring up!  And that is that I don’t want you to cut out things completely.  Understand that cutting all the time could be what causes us to slowly creep back into those behaviors that are not giving us what we want.  I am not ever going to say whether it’s good or bad, instead I am going to say there are times where we need to reign it in a little bit.

I like to think of our diet as a dimmer switch.  If I am getting ready for a vacation, I am going to turn the dimmer switch down a bit.  If I am not getting ready for a vacation, I am going to turn the dimmer up a bit. This is not an on and off switch… it’s dimmer. Not this automatic giving up.  We don’t completely cut off things, instead we reduce things.

Because listen guys, the deprivation world just sucks!!!  And if you are done feeling deprived and you want this life of balance and harmony… then keep reading because I am your girl!!!

How do you stay consistent when you have a big goal in mind’  You are going to break things down into small tasks, into smaller goals!

A client of mine wants to lose 50 pounds by her wedding which is 2 years away.  So, when you take that 50 pounds in 2 years, your goal becomes so much more attainable.!! This is like losing 2 pounds a month without a crash diet! It’s totally doable! Focus on losing 2 to 4 pounds every month. Focus on what you are doing.  Focus on what you are eating, what are you drinking. What activities are you doing’ What activities are you not doing’   We want to also take a look at her sleep, her habits, look at food, look at nutrition, and other habits.  What here is not contributing to your 2 pounds’ What can go’ What can stay’

When you look at this, and look at all of these aspects, you can see what are the obstacles that always trip you up’ And look at the obstacles that may come up. Do you have a job that travels’  Do you have family meals you have to do’  Do you have unsupportive friends or spouses’

What are things that come up that we can think about now so that when you come into that scenario you have a plan already in place’  You have to have a plan!!

“If you aim at nothing you will hit it every single time.”-  Zig Ziglar.

Magic makers… Please… STOP sweating the small stuff.  You cannot control everything around you, so stop trying!  Instead, I want you to take a look at what is controlling you that you can start to release’  It’s not what you want to hear, it’s what you need to hear! My goal is to give you a little of what you don’t want and a little of what you need to make it to the next level.

Let’s start focusing on your priorities.  What are the dial movers in your life’ The things that are ultimately going to give you the best bang for your buck.

  • Your sleep
  • Your stress
  • Your mindset
  • Your movement
  • Your metabolics
  • Your habits

What you are sweating, is it part of these 6 things’

My biggest thing I want you to take away from this is that you don’t have to go at this alone.  YOU HAVE SUPPORT!  And don’t think that you need to be perfect in order to have a coach.  We aren’t grading you.  You don’t have to show up perfect to your coaches!  You need help and support that’s why you are working with them.  So, you don’t have to have you ISH together to get to a coach.  That is our job to help you get to where you want to be.

You aren’t trying to get a lifestyle.  You are trying to change your lifestyle!!  So, if you only talk to your coach when things are going well, how are you going to change’

It’s when things aren’t going well when we need to talk to our coach’s friends!

If this is resonating with you and you are feeling that you need that extra support, that extra accountability to help you reach your goals, 2021 is a new year and 2021 means a  new 30-day challenge!  I am going to teach you the power to focus on one thing, and that is Strength training!  How to burn more calories at rest.  This is what is going to show us, that this is the missing key for many of us when it comes to hitting your goals!

Are you good about your food and hitting your goals, but hitting the weight training you aren’t so good about’  Then come on over and join us before it closes!

If this interests, you magic makers and you are looking for accountability and support then you gotta check out Lean And Sexy Over 40! We can’t wait to see you there!


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