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  1. I’d like to write a testimonial for Kim! Kim was my personal trainer for the first half of 2007. My New Year’s resolution last year was to finally get in shape. I knew it would take me a good solid year to make the changes I wanted. Kim was the perfect trainer for me. She had great energy, a varied selection of training routines, and helpful nutrition tips. Working out with Kim was fun. It was something to look forward to, not something to “try to get out of” like it sometimes can be with personal trainers. What I learned from Kim has stuck with me and I have continued my success with weight loss, toning and changing my eating habits. I have more energy, look better in clothes and friends have said I even look younger! I have lost, to date, a total of 18 pounds and went down 2 dress sizes. I highly recommend Kim as a personal trainer. She’s a good resource and a good friend. You will have fun as you make positive changes in your life. What could be better than that?

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