“What’s It Like To Work With Kim”

I am so proud!  Thank you for all your help in achieving my goal.

– Erinn G.

Kim is an amazing person. She helped me break a cycle that I was unable to break. She taught me to think in a positive manner and with her help the weight started falling off.  She is highly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. I feel great as I continue my weight loss journey. 

– Sheryl D

Kim is the best. I am so glad I started going to her weight training class.  I learned a ton every class, and working out with Kim was so much fun, I looked forward to our class every week! I was training for a Tough Mudder race, and Kim gave me ideas for workouts which were really helpful. During the race, I felt stronger and faster than I ever have. It used to be pretty intimidating to work out in the weight room with all the guys, but now I feel comfortable and confident there. 

– Marina S

Kim has been able to keep me motivated on my personal body sculpting goals, all the while providing a fun and flexible atmosphere.She encourages my feedback on any given workout routine, and her personal approach has built my confidence in and outside the gym . She has helped me lose 25# in 5 months and is able to help me truly achieve a healthy work to life balance. Not only that, but I’ve gained a great friend who really cares!

– Kjerstan F

I have tried personal training before but have never been able to stick with it.  I felt frustrated by the routines the trainers had me on. Often they were boring and focused only on the big muscles.  My experience with Kim has been totally different!  I look forward to my sessions with her.  She is super fun and very down to earth.  She also knows an incredible amount about the body.  Because she understands how the body works she is able to offer a huge variety of exercises.  I’m always doing something different which keeps both my mind and my body really engaged.  There is no just going through the movements!   I’m not an easy client – I have had surgeries and illnesses – and she has been a great support in helping me to build my body back up.  I have had a wonderful time with Kim and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about strengthening her body.

– M. Love

Kim was my personal trainer for the first half of 2007. My New Year’s resolution last year was to finally get in shape. I knew it would take me a good solid year to make the changes I wanted. Kim was the perfect trainer for me. She had great energy, a varied selection of training routines, and helpful nutrition tips. Working out with Kim was fun. It was something to look forward to, not something to get out of like it sometimes can be with personal trainers. What I learned from Kim has stuck with me and I have continued my success with weight loss, toning and changing my eating habits. I have more energy, look better in clothes and friends have said I even look younger! I have lost, to date, a total of 18 pounds and went down 2 dress sizes. I highly recommend Kim as a personal trainer. She’s a good resource and a good friend. You will have fun as you make positive changes in your life. What could be better than that’ 

–M. Sheehan

I started doing Bikini Blast last summer because I was bored with my usual routine and wanted some extra motivation to get me to the gym.  I am so glad I did!  The class got me out of my rut and helped me tone up quicker than I would have been able to on my own.  Kim packs a lot into each session and designs new workouts every week so that each session is fun and different.  I walked away every week feeling like I had fit in an hour’s worth of exercise in just 30 minutes.  One of my favorite things about working with Kim is that I got to learn a ton of new exercises that I could do on my own in between sessions.  And I’m no longer intimidated by strength training!  Working out with Kim has been a great experience and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to mix up their routine or get into the habit of working out.

– Yasmin He

I was nervous before my first session with Kim, but her enthusiasm and knowledge immediately put me at ease. She keeps it fun. We do different exercises every session. Spending 30 minutes working out with Kim was more effective than twice the time on my own. There were several out of breath moments, but never a dull moment with Kim. I can’t wait to sign-up for another session.

– Aditi H

Kim is a fantastic trainer! She listens to what kind of results you want and tailors a workout to your personalized needs and level of fitness.  She always finds a way to keep you engaged and change up the routine. I always leave my workouts feeling energized and like I did something! I highly recommend her, especially if you want to see results!

– Keely C

Thanks Kimmy! You were one of my favorite people to work with. Keep up the good fitness work!

– Adam E

While I once considered myself a cardio queen and spent at least an hour a day running nowhere on a treadmill, I quickly found myself hitting plateaus and icing sore knees. I knew I needed to do something to jumpstart my metabolism and add something new to the mix. After one experience with Kim, I was hooked! While you don’t necessarily feel like you’re struggling to keep up, you really are doing some amazing things in a short amount of time. I was feeling that “good sore” for at least 4 days! Kim really focuses on making sure you’re doing things correctly, instead of just skimming over you to keep the schedule, and pushes everyone in the class to their own personal limit. The corrective motions and attention she gives to the students really ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout, instead of taking shortcuts. As a result of this class, I’ve really seen tone and definition in my arms, and have sculpted in ways that you cannot get from cardio alone. I continue to look forward to her funny anecdotes and passion for instruction.

– Kimberly M

I have always been physically fit, working with Kim has brought me to a new level. By engaging all muscle groups, I have witnessed noticeable results. Kim is effective and FUN! Kim is an excellent motivator, she is humorous, and her workouts are flexible, in that you can tailor them to your fitness level by making them as challenging as you can allow on any given day. I would recommend Kim’s training from a beginner to a well-season athlete, and anywhere in between!”

– Stephanie T

I started working with Kim when I got engaged.  I had been working out for a long time and had lost 30 pounds prior but I had never learned how to tone it up properly.   I wanted a female trainer because men just really don’t understand women and their bodies.   Kim and I sat down to discuss what my goals were and she followed through with a fitness plan.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone but at the same time gave me comfort in letting me know that she was there to help me.   Aside from Kim’s knowledge and ability to train well, she is genuine, fun.
My workout was designed for me and that’s what I liked best.  My arms and back looked amazing in my wedding dress and the rest of me looked amazing in my bikini on my Honeymoon.  I have Kim to thank for that.
Now, after two children, I’m working with Kim again hope for the same results.  I highly recommend working out with Kim!  She’s honest, understands your specific needs and will work WITH you to reach your goals without judgment.
– Michelle D

Working with Kim has taught me so much about fitness and myself. She is tough love, and will tell it to you like it is and it’s something I really appreciate! Over the past 3 years, I trained with Kim for three bikini competitions. She helped me diet down in a healthy way that never left me feeling deprived or crazy! Kim is very encouraging and I value the trust and relationship I have with her as my coach.

– Nikki U

Working with Kim made all the difference in the world. As my coach, she went above and beyond to help me sort through my challenges when creating a meal plan, pinpoint foods that were hindering my progress, and support me throughout the whole process. She was open and honest in telling me what I needed to hear in order to move forward and helped me reach my biggest goal of stepping on stage in a bikini competition – and placing 3rd out of 11 competitors. You will not regret working with Kim!

– Amanda S