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Accountability Is The Key To Weight Loss Success

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What does it mean to you to be accountable’ What does accountability look like to you’ Does that question leave you stumped’ You are not alone. I know it can definitely be hard to figure it out! I have been there, and so have my clients. Most times when a client asks me for accountability, I ask what does that look like and I get the crickets So today, let’s define what accountability is for you and your goals. Let’s figure out how accountability can help you reach those goals and what you need to do to get there!

I am really good at these three things with my clients. Consistency, strategy, and accountability. And I am BIG on definitions. I want to define what it is so that when we talk about it, it is apples to apples. Not apple so cherries!

So, what even is accountability’ Well, it is being held responsible for your actions. The fact of the condition of being accountable; responsibility! If this is something you struggle with, then let’s keep on going!

Hiring a coach is one of the best ways to help you be more accountable and help you reach your goals faster. If you are having trouble doing it on your own, then you definitely may need someone who can be in your corner, cheering you on, helping you along the way, and being that person to say, ok let’s do this! As a coach, I work with clients to help them stick with their short-term goals so they can reach their long-term goals.

When I work with clients, you tell me your weight loss and healthy living goal. Then I work with you to create short-term habits that will lead to great routines consistency and ultimately results. I call it FIT GIRL MAGIC!my podcast! It is my fit girl magic formula that I use with each and every person to define what we are going to do. Because guess what”’ Without great habits we can’t have routines, without routines, we can’t have consistency, and without consistency, we can’t have results!

So how do we use accountability in our life’ Well, I am pretty sure it started in grade school when the teacher says do homework and we are going to have a test! That is accountability, did you do the lesson’

I always say to people, I have to show up for what’s up! Accountability helps us to follow through. It helps us because we tell someone I am going to do this, and they are going to hold us to it and ask us if we did it! So that accountability starts with you asking yourself, where are you right now’ If we don’t know where we are right now, how do we expect to get from where we are to where we want to be’ So many people don’t want to lift up the hood and see what is going on underneath them, so we have to acknowledge the starting point. But listen, it doesn’t matter where it is that we start, we all have to start somewhere. And we will work on the building blocks for creating a routine that will serve you! It takes time to start asking yourself those hard questions. So, let’s dive in.

Where do you want to be’ What does success look like for you ‘?
Can you visualize it in your mind’ As you are thinking about it if you have hired a coach, what do you expect that coach to do’ Just because you hire someone doesn’t mean you will hit your goals. It’s not insert credit card and lose 10 pounds. When you hire me, YOU have to do the work! I provide the path, but if you don’t get in the car and drive it, you aren’t going to get results. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! What will help you get to your goals ‘?

What are the steps do you need to take to help you hit your goals’ This is where my REPS formula comes into play!
1. Is it realistic’
2. Is it exciting’
3. Can you make a plan for it in your life’
4. Is it long-term sustainable’
The REPS formula helps get you to get out of the spiral and cycle that you have been in because we work together to brainstorm different techniques and strategies to help you right now.

Can you do it on your own’
?I need someone to be there for me, so I need a coach to keep me accountable.? Does this sound familiar’ Do you need this in order to get there’ If you do that is OKAY! There is nothing wrong with wanting to have someone on your side to help you along the way.

Do you need someone to help clarify all the noise that is in the heath and fitness space. Someone to tell you we don’t need this but you need this! Sometimes I even need that to get that kick in the butt! So, who do you have in your life that is going to hold you accountable’

And please remember? whether you have help or do it on your own. EVERY WEEK IS NOT GOING TO BE PERFECT! Coaches are not looking for you to be perfect! They know that you may hit a speed bump because happens explained shit happens. We are human too and don’t have perfect weeks. A good coach works with you to figure what trips you up and see how to overcome those obstacles in the future. What are the things you can set up in advance to get around your obstacles’ If I am going to do achieve your goals, you can’t always let obstacles get in the way! ?Yes, sometimes we have those weeks and life comes at us fast, but it isn’t always like that. What can I do to make sure we get through that week’

Are you journaling’ Always start with a journal…
No eye rolls people! I was that eye-roller I was Until I started journaling?
But listen, there are multiple types of ways to journal. It is not just one way. So, what are ways you can journal to help keep you on track’

Journal your food! I would love for you to journal the calories you are eating and what you are eating in a day. The only way to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit. So we need a baseline and we have to find that through your food logging. Because guess what?” It is VERY EASY to overeat healthy food. So, what are your calories in each day’
I want you to think of food logging as checking out your bank account and you need to know what you have available.

Log in and journal workouts! Are you seeing a progression of your weights’ What workouts are you doing’ What are the weights you are lifting’ You want to go to the gym with a plan and that is what the journal is going to do for you.

Other ways to journal are to journal your money, journal and track your feelings, journal whatever and write whatever you want! Journaling is awareness! If I am aware of what is going on, I can learn from it and acknowledge it. The more aware we are the more we can make changes to that.

If you aren’t a journaler, that is ok. Instead, take some time to just write down your goals. Write a letter 30 days from now. 90 days, 6 months, etc. Write down where you want to be at those times and start telling yourself things that you want to hear and feel!!

Are you telling someone about your goals and what you are doing’
Ladies?. Tell someone what you are doing!!!!! Tell your friends who are going to hold you to your word! You want someone who is going to check on you and make sure you are doing the work! You want to tell someone that is going to ask you how you are doing or go to the gym with you or someone who will walk alongside you! Oh, and BTW? I am that kind of person!!!!

When you look for an accountability partner or coach? you want someone who can help clarify and direct your goals. What do I mean by clarifying’

People come to me with squishy goals. Squishy meaning, ?I want to just tone up.?. OK.. so what in the heckkk does tone look like’ Remember I said I like to start with a definition, so we know where we are going’ That is what I mean by clarifying it. Be specific! Be really clear… I want to know what exactly is TONE… And don’t say lean. What the hell is lean’! We want to make sure we are walking to the same destination. Get clear on what it is you are trying to achieve. Then create a crafted direction that brings you back to REPS.

What are the steps to get us to where we’re going’ Ok, so your goal is to lose 10 pounds… Let’s back step. What are the habits that are going to create a routine’ That is going to create the consistency that will give you the 10 pounds for life! What is the shortest path to get there’ Find a path that is sustainable for the long term, a path that allows you to not give up everything.

I want you to get unstuck! If you are done, this is where you come to get unstuck! I am here to help you get to where you want. Help you get clear on what you are trying to achieve. Create choices for you and your life no matter where you are right now. Create goals that you can connect with. So, it is so important to have that why, because that why is your motivation. You have to find the internal motivation and that will become your WHY!

And don’t overthink things. Don’t let these things consume you and don’t restrict yourself or get obsessed with ?needing? to do things. This is a process, and we have to overcome overthinking and just take it one step at a time.

Have the courage to do something different. The courage to think about your old paths and where they are leading you. Because you know what… If it didn’t lead to victory, let’s burn that path and not go down it again!

I want you to have consistency. I want this to be different than all of your other things because I can get you to become consistent. I ultimately want my clients to get this where they can work from clarity to consistency. It is what we look for and what our end goal is. Because consistency leads to results.

I want all of us to take a moment and think about what it is you need to be held accountable for’ Is it making sure you get to the gym’ Making sure you make better choices when you eat’ Need help getting better sleep’ What do you need to be held down for!’ That is what I do I provide you with accountability, consistency, and strategies to help you achieve your goals faster!!!

So that is what accountability is right. It is all about finding a way for you to clarify your goals so that we can understand the obstacles that might get in your way, create a nice clear path to help you achieve your goals over and over again, and ultimately find the help you find that FIT GIRL MAGIC!!!!


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