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The Power of Creating MicroHabits

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You want to change your life. You’re fed up with being who you are and can’t even see clearly who you want to be. You’ve crashed and burned too many times before.  

Now here you are at a crossroads: do you try one last time, or give up before you even start? 

Thankfully, giving up doesn’t have to be an option. You can be a better, stronger, more confident version of yourself, and this time you’re guaranteed not to fail.  

That’s because this time you’re going to build MicroHabits. These tiny changes are about to give you some pretty huge results.  

MicroHabits are what they sound like – they’re small actions that you do on a regular basis until they become a habit. Incremental change has been proven to work, over and over, in a variety of ways. What makes MicroHabits so exciting is that they really are tiny. By embracing them, you’re not indulging in those grand sweeping gestures that caused you to crash and burn before.  

1. They are easier to start 

Often, the reason we have such a hard time making changes in our lives is that we just don’t know where to begin. The whole process seems so daunting and overwhelming. With MicroHabits, the difficulty is removed. When you’re only changing one very small thing, it barely feels like a change at all. In fact, it can be kind of fun trying out an incremental change just to see what kind of result you get.  

2. They are easier to sustain 

Big changes get real old real fast (like changing from a diet full of processed foods over to something Keto or Paleo), micro-changes (an idea would be  adding a vegetable to every meal) should never feel hard. The simplicity of incremental change carries momentum all on it’s own.  
The things that burn you out about the old way aren’t even an issue in the world of incremental change. You keep going with them, long after you’ve quit on the big, heavy resolution. This sustainability is what leads to consistently building healthier habits. 

3. They are fairly painless 

Sweeping can actually hurt while making small changes should feel painlessHave you ever seen those diet reality shows where they go in and toss out every piece of unhealthy food in your kitchen to help them start on their new lifeThen you see them trying to figure out WTF to eat. By making gradual changes, it won’t feel as overwhelming.  

Sweeping change, make you end up in tears, after all, you’ve just lost everything that you liked to eat.  

The nice thing about MicroHabits is that the change is in increments. So, if you’re working to change your diet, you’re only changing out one food perhaps – like giving up soda – while still enjoying the things you usually enjoy.  
Chances are you’re not going to miss the soda so much if you don’t also cut out the chips, cookies, candy, and everything else unhealthy all at once. That makes this kind of change easier to take in the long run.  

Also, by making little changes, you’re giving yourself time to discover things about you that you never knew before, things that you like. So even if you wind up giving up all that junk food, it’s ok, because in the process you found that you really love to eat fresh fruit too.  

4. They use less energy 

Those great big changes are only going to wear you out. It’s like going for a full-fledged workout when you typically rarely leave the couch. Your body certainly isn’t ready for that kind of work, and the whole process (finding workout clothes and equipment, going to the gym, knowing what machine to use and how long, and for how many reps) can be pretty daunting.  

MicroHabits encourage you to take things slow, leaving you with more energy for the rest of your day. So instead of worrying about all that time at the gym, maybe you’re just deciding to take the stairs at work or to park further away from the building, so you get that extra walking in. That bypasses all that energy you’d spend going to and from the gym, and still gives you some exercise you wouldn’t normally get.  

That’s not to say that going to the gym is a bad thing! Even your gym routine could use some additional MicroHabits, especially if you’re already been going regularly.  

 So, your usual hour workout can be easily be adjusted by spending an extra five minutes with mobility workout before calling it a day. 

5. They keep you motivated 

Great big goals can feel a million miles away and easily leave you discouraged.  

MicroHabits set smaller goals that are achieved in tiny increments. This means you get to your destination a lot faster, leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment. That feeling helps keep you motivated as you continue to work towards change. Creating MicroHabits is a self-sustaining cycle of change and momentum.  

While these might not seem like big achievements, the feeling of having done something special is still perfectly valid and will make you feel good about yourself, and what you’re doing.  

At this point, it’s up to you to take that motivation and run with it. Use it to feed the next micro-habit, so that no matter what, you keep moving forward, growing and changing and becoming who you’re meant to be. 

When you look at all the benefits to be found in MicroHabits, you can’t help but see that they might be tiny – but they have some big positive value when it comes to making positive change in your life. Positive change that you can sustain!  

Knowing the value of incremental change, now it’s time to run with it.  

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