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The Quest For A New Gym Bag

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I grow easily bored with gym bags, in fact I have a ton! But guess what I need a new one, my current bag just isn’t cutting it any more. It’s been a few months and it’s falling apart!  Are you a bag junkie like me!!

Current Bag above, below is my bag graveyard!

Does your graveyard look like mine’

I have a great lulu lemon bag, and  Nike duffel, and free bag I got at show that worked for awhile and again I still find myself on a quest!!  So help me out!! This is what I’m looking for in a bag! Must haves include: POCKETS!! I l LOVE compartments! I need a place to stick my ipod, my water bottle, phone and an outside pocket for my bus pass and cell phone (I stink at hearing that thing! Plus another outside pocket for my book. Again, I take public transportation and need to entertain myself with something beyond some of the interesting characters that ride public transportation.  Also, it must have a shoulder strap. So if you know a bag,  that my be useful to me, let me know!!  Like I said I could always use a new bag!


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