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The Secret To Showing Up For Yourself

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Have you ever met someone, and you just connect instantly 3 words into the conversation and you are like, OH

Do you guys ever meet someone, and you just connect instantly 3 words into the conversation and you are like, OH YEAH, we are going to be friends! That is exactly what happened when I met Lesley Logan. I love her vibe; and I needed to share her with you! I also love her story so much, how she was able to get out of the burnout she was in by finding Pilates, and by doing so, she helped to reverse the burnout and find something that she truly loved to do. Lesley now uses Pilates to teach others to care for themselves and build consistency into their lives by building it into a Pilates practice and HELLOOO what a concept So.if you are on your road to burn out and you smell something burning It might just be you!!! And you should read on my friend!
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Lesley Logan is a certified Pilates teacher,habits and mindset coach, is the founder of Online Pilates Classes, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops. She has been teaching Pilates since 2008, she has run multiple studios, has trained hundreds of people to become teachers themselves and has taught thousands of students. When not teaching from her studio in Las Vegas, Lesley is hosting her podcast Be It Till You See It or traveling the world leading Pilates retreats.

This girl is the Pilates queen! And to think that her journey to Pilates was because she was totally fried and just needed something else! So, what led her to that burnt out place She was working her tail off to pay back student loans, stressed to the max, not fueling her body correctly, doing the same thing in the gym, The stress of life was weighing her down and , she just didn t know how to get out of that place..Then..Someone invited her to a Pilates class and after making fun of it, she knew inside that she had to just give it a try and try something different
I felt something new in my body I never felt before. I felt like I was actually in my body It was the first workout that I had not thought about all of the other exterior distractions and stressors. After that day, I changed my schedule so that I can go to class every single day! And the rest is history.

Because of Lesley s Pilates practice, she has been able to see herself progress and this is not by being perfect, this is just by simply showing up for it. Her goal is not to be perfect and its not to look like anyone else doing Pilates.It is really important to just show up and be consistent. So, because she is consistently showing up, she is able to have these aha moments when she realizes that she can do things one day that she may not have been able to on another day.Then her brain TELLS HER that she can TRY DIFFERENT things and not be afraid of those things! That is self-trustand that is what to me looks like confidence.This confidence gives me courage to show up and do hard things. It gives my clients the courage to show up and do hard things as well!

So how do you start to feel like this First thing.JUST SHOWING UP is an amazing start! So many people will say they want to show up, but a litany of things that keep them from fully showing up. If you are that person who is not able to be present. I think that is a habit you have created for yourself. Or perfection in disguise. Give yourself permission to practice in a safe place where you feel comfortable.

Just tell yourself that if you can’t do this specific thing yet or Pilates workout, what else is possible in your body right now What can you try right now in this workout or with what you are doing that you will feel good for trying! Even if you feel out of this exercise, you can do hard things, look at what you just did. You gave it a try! When we show up on our mat we are practicing showing up for ourselves.Take this thought process with you in anything throughout your day. Have confidence and wisdom in your body that by trying something, you are still putting yourself first!

I love this quote that Lesley said,It is ok to just put the mat down, you don’t actually have to get on it. Sometimes it’s just you are practicing this, that you are going to take the next step!

That voice in our head is constantly saying If I have mastered this move in Pilates I will arrive, if I lose 10 pounds I will arrive If you think you are going to arrive you are sadly misguided because there will always be something that you want to try!! You will never arrive. We are never going to be perfect. This is a practice, it s not perfect.
Just like with anything else, with Pilates, you’re going to get out of it what you put into it. There is not this magical transformation thing with Pilates, much like most fitness journeys. People think that if you do an ABC workout you are going to get this WOW transformation without really doing much! But no!! This sets women up for failure!
So just remember, you always get what you put into it.

I really do want people to have realistic expectations for themselves because I think that we are not in a race. We each have our own journey. We are going to get there if you just stay on that course. On YOUR course. No one else.
Find something that helps you get into your body whether it is yoga, meditation, breathwork or Pilates. Even if it s 5 minutes or a freaking minute a day. Anything is better than nothing. Just do something for you.Do something that is going to make you feel better. Do something in addition to the other workouts you are doing. Try something different than what you are used to,and you may see different results. You may feel less stressed and more confident. Just show up for you and do something that is going to positively change your life and the way you feel

Now Lesley has this really amazing program available for anyone! And I just love the way it is set up. She gives people an on ramp with it. It’s not that you must do it in this way, type of thing. She actually gives people a lot of different ways to interact with Pilates. It is not this tiny box you have to stay in, and she teaches this concept to teachers as well so that they don’t feel like they have to stay within this box in this practice.

You can find this program at Online Pilates Classes (OPC for short) And SHE is an accountability queen! She wants everyone to actually be able to make it to class. She wants her clients to make it their priority to all take the same class, so she makes it really simple and just does 1 class for the whole week. And she does it this way so that, A) you have no other decision to make except you came to Pilates and didn’t have to choose between a ton of classes. And B) It is only 30 minutes long,so it is doable and she always says finishing is optional! And you have all week to do the all levels class!

You can also join an intro series that consists of 3 classes that you get to keep forever. They are 10-15 minutes long and that is on purpose because I really want people to get the feel of this practice as well as learn the moves so that way when they go to an all-levels class, they can have these options or moves to try if they are unable to do one of the others They will have these classes under their belt, and they will go in feeling good about it.

Lesley also has a bunch of FREE tutorials for people to go in and look at as well as a group that you can talk with her in. In that group she helps you to break things down and answer questions you may have about moves, classes, etc. The community is so unique, everyone is so supportive of one another,and you are not comparing yourself to anyone else. You are comparing yourself to yourself. Your goal is to see how you transform during all of this. How far you have come after putting yourself first and showing up for yourself.

What makes you feel magical
I think people might think that it is after my Pilates session that I feel most magical, I mean I do But I feel the most magical when I actually see the people that are taking my classes share that story that I told earlier or go,I asked my husband to watch the kids for 20 minutes so I could do this. Like I feel magical then because I know that I’m creating these little magical moments for all these people. And that makes me feel really magical.

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