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The Secrets To Getting Better Results With A Coach

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How do you get the most out of a coaching relationship”

Many people may get confused about what is coaching and what is not coaching. So here is my perspective! I have been a trainer/coach for over 15 years. And since I first started out in this business, they don’t teach you how to deal with people in the real world. But after a few months of working with clients, I realized that there is way more to people’s health than how many bicep curls they can do! Your clients are dealing with real-life stuff! That impacts what their workout should be, and what their workout looks like!

As a “Trainer” I wasn’t really prepared to understand that some of them can’t leave their STUFF at the door! I realized I had to be more of a coach for them. I could not just prescribe workouts, instead I had to say, “What is going on with you as a whole person’” I had to shift into coach mode! How can I help these women navigate life while trying to put on the cape and be a superhero to please everyone under the sun’

For me, coaching isn’t about WHAT to do… It is a collaborative process! I have found that my clients have the most success when we have a collaborative relationship. You share your goals with your coach, and they work with you to come up with your solutions! It’s a partnership!

As a coach, my job is to help you find your blind spots and help you ask yourself better questions.
● Have you fully considered this’
● Have you fully considered that you aren’t sleeping enough’
● Have you fully considered you aren’t eating enough food’
● Have you fully considered you are going nutso on the weekends’ How do we stop you from that’

Many people that come want to be educated. And yes, of course there is an educational component to it, but you are the driver of this bus! You lead the way!

I have 4 phases that I believe everyone goes through when it comes to weight loss.
1. Mindset
2. Nutrition
3. Habits
4. Exercise

I know these are the main 4 things that I see my clients struggling with! So that’s what I do. I’m no longer that online trainer who will just train you. I’m a trainer who looks for the overall lifestyle transformation that I can help facilitate.! I’m working with women who are over 40, who are just done following the rules. And they want you to feel fit and comfortable in their bodies! These are the people I am looking for!

So how do you have that kind of transformation’ YOU GET CLEAR on what YOU WANT! And if you don’t know what you want, let’s have a conversation! If you are struggling to get results, how clear are you’ Are you always moving the goal line’ Are you not sticking with just one thing long enough to see a change’ I challenge you to give yourself a minimum of 12 weeks of something and give it a chance! Because if I am changing my mind every minute, I am not going to see anything!

ALRIGHT! So how do you get the best results”’ There are 5 pieces so let’s break it down!
1. Am I coachable’
2. Am I willing to get uncomfortable’
3. Am I consistently doing the work’
4. Am I running my own race or someone else’s’
5. Am I owning my shit!’!’ This is the biggest thing for me here. The more you can own when you are falling, the more you can move forward and move the dial!

1) Be coachable! Meaning… You are open and receptive to receiving feedback.
Be able to share how you are feeling and what is going on!! Feel comfortable and confident you can share with your coach! I don’t judge ladies! Be willing to give a solution a try and share to feedback. I rely on my clients being collaborative with me! I have a lot of freaking questions! Be willing to know that you have to do it in order to experience it and there are no quick fixes here. Coachability taps into your mindset! This is where you will see if you have a fixed or growth mindset.

Get uncomfortable. Be open to learning something new. Hearing a new theory and testing it out! If you aren’t getting the changes you want on the path you are on, this means something has to change.

Do the work consistently! I used to see this all the time, especially as a competitive fitness coach. You have to take action… If you are asked to do ABC you have to share with your coach, does it feel doable’ Give feedback. Help me learn and grow with you!

You will begin to understand yourself when you start to do the work. How do I feel when I eat this’ How do I feel when I do this’ How do I feel if I get to sleep’ We have to become our own detective. This helps me to tap into my resources to see if I know anyone you can speak to about what you are feeling if you need help in another area of your life that I cannot help you with.

Run your OWN RACE! You have to run your own race first… You are not behind or ahead. You are right where you are supposed to be and own it! There is a season, and a reason for the season you are in. Because there are lessons, you have to learn in this season! And if I don’t learn the lesson here, I will repeat it.

Your results are based on your efforts. Be ok that and at the speed you are working. It’s your efforts that will dictate your outcome. At night when I’m brushing my teeth, I ask myself this question, “Kim, did I do everything that I could do today’” This isn’t an invitation to beat the crap out of yourself either!!! Just run your own race. I want you to think about this as a long-term strategy. We are going for the long term, and we are DONE with the short-term BS! Run this damn marathon, the LONG RACE!

Own your actions! This may be a huge mindset shift for some of you. No more arguing, no more blaming, no more complaining. NO MORE EXCUSES!!
How can you change your focus from one thing to what is important and possible’ Don’t let things keep you down in the dumps, you have to see other possibilities.
Like I said, this may be a huge mindset shift for a lot of you and may take a little more work!

If you made a mistake, own it.. How do we make a shift from that mistake’ Take positive steps. Something happened, how do we turn that around and make a positive out of a negative”

I want you guys to feel MOTIVATED! Motivated to make the change in your life to feel better. So many people say they don’t have motivation. Motivation is fleeting. It comes from taking action. From taking smaller actions, not trying to do everything at once. When I take smaller actions, I feel motivated. Many of us try to do all the things but have no motivation to do all the damn things. Think about, how do we scale it back, so our actions become small’ The smaller our actions, the more positive we get and then I feel like I can do it all over again!

This was really about as we move further into the year.. When you look into your goals, how do we start to say this isn’t going to be a year I give up on myself’ This is the year that I say I have some stuff to work on!

Out of the things we talked about, I really want you to think about those 5 things…
Am I coachable’ Am I willing to get uncomfortable’ Am I being consistently’ Am I running my own race or someone else’s’ Am I owning my stuff!’!’ This is the biggest thing for me here. The more we can own when we are falling, the more you can move forward and move the dial!

The more you communicate with me or any coach, the more we will be able to help you and assist you with whatever it is you are trying to achieve!


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