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The Secrets To Living A Lean Life

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How do we live a healthy lifestyle and be a healthy person that is on automatic, without obsessing and trying to figure out the perfect fat loss food or perfect workout’ I get this question a lot, I ask my clients to start with the basics.


These questions aren’t wrong but we have to start by changing that dialogue and thinking of your journey as you are on more like a bowling lane, and these are the lanes to help you to stay out of the gutter, and if you fall into the gutter, just pick up the ball and roll it back up to you.  That is about creating a healthy lifestyle, not creating the lifestyle that you are ready to cheat on it!

Let’s dive right into it!  We are going to start right away with eating to feel satisfied and satiated…  Let’s start by saying, “When I eat, I want to feel satisfied after I eat a meal.”  Not stuffed but satisfied!  When you eat, I want you to think of yourself on a full level of 1 to10.  1 being you are starving, and you could eat your dang hand, and 10 being you need to unbutton your pants and take a nap…. I want after you eat to be between a 5 and a 7, where what you ate was just the right amount of food!

Start by looking at foods that fit into our lifestyle, your cooking and your prepping.  If you want to follow a meal plan program and work out that makes you feel like a winner than do that!! I want you to feel every day that you crushed it! Not that it beat the crap out of you!

Stay in tune with your bodies. As you eat, are you feeling hungry, are you craving like a crazy person, are you bloated, are you tired, what is your energy level” If you feel like crap, then you know that this isn’t the diet or you. If one of these are off, then start playing detective to see what food is causing it.

How many meals a day should I eat’  That is a question I get asked a lot, and a lot of people follow the 5-6 meals a day program but there isn’t any conclusive evidence that says eating this many meal a day will stoke your metabolism.  I always tell my clients to eat when you are hungry!! Or if you want to drop it down a few meals, start by moving down to 4 meals a day and eat when you are hungry, not by the clock!   Are your meals satisfying enough’ Because remember, you want to stay within the 5-7 ratio. What do your meals look like’  If you are eating like an asshole, you are not going to lose weight!!!  You need to eat according to our goals.

[Tweet “Had a bad meal’ It’s ok!!! DUST YOURSELF OFF! You didn’t kill anyone, you didn’t take out a family, you just didn’t eat something on plan!  So, move on to the next day!”]

If you are following another protocol as we speak, I want you to step back and take a pause! I know this can be hard to pause and take a step back, so I challenge you to take a pause on whatever protocol you are following. Let’s make a deal that we are going to stop worrying about what we should do, and really focus on what can I do consistently’ I want your habits to create great routines, and those routines to create consistency and its consistency that creates lasting results.  If we don’t start out with good habits, your routines aren’t going to be great and your consistency, nope, so there won’t be any results!!

I challenge you to say if you are currently following a specific diet, that’s ok!! Go back and ask yourself those questions above!! Am I hungry, how’s my cravings’ IF all of those are doing great and you are able to do it consistently, then rock on with your bad self!!! BUT if you are doing something and you know you feel like crap all the damn time so just pass me the damn chocolate, then we have to figure out something else.

REPS!  You have to run whatever you are currently doing now, through the REPS Formula!  Is it realistic based on what my life is’ Am I excited about it’ Can I plan it into my life and is it sustainable’  The REPS formula works all the time!! EVERY DAY! 

Go through your program and protocol and ask yourself is it realistic for you’ Are you excited’ Do you have a plan that fits into your life’ Listen here as I break it down

Your lifestyle goals are always going to be about the REPS Formula.  If you want a lean life, your food and workouts need to fit within your life to be a part of your lifestyle!  You have to have a plan!  You cannot wing this and when you do wing it, that is when the OOPS tends to happen.  With the plan, you have to make sure you are getting enough food with the right types of food as well as the right portion size. You want to eat enough food to keep you satisfied until your next meal and of course, it has to look good! That means Proteins, vegetables, fiber and healthy fats with every meal.

So how do we get the right amount of food and right types’   The overall goal of this in order to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit.  So you have to make sure your meals satisfy you, but also put you in that caloric deficit.  [You can listen to that here in this Podcast.]

But how do you automate your food’  70% of your plate has to be protein and vegetables and the rest of your plate is going to be a starchy carbohydrate and good fats.   Then you are going to have to pay attention to your body to make this automatic. How do you feel…  How did that meal make you feel’  How did that workout make you feel’  How do you feel after you eat’  How does your food make you feel’  That will be a telltale sign on what to put onto the good food and bad good list!

How do you set up this plan and create this plan’  If you say my goal is to be healthier, awesome let’s do it. What can you do right now’  Adding some more vegetables’ Let’s be specific. Lunch and dinner. How do you make sure you have them at both times’ What are you going to buy so that you can make sure of this’  Life happens, we know this to be oh so true, but you had a plan and things change. Something may not be within the blueprint, but what is the alternative to stay on track instead’

This is what the bulk of my coaching is with my clients.  I work with my clients to take their big visions and help break it down into manageable steps!  I know so many of you that given the right tweaks, we can tune that radio so that you get in on that right frequency that works best for you!   So, comment below, or give me a shout over on social if this is what you are looking for and if this sounds like you!  I would love to get to know you better and see how I can help girl!

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