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The Ugly Truth About The Pill

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We’ve all heard about or taken the pill at some point in our lives. We’ve been told it’s going to help regulate our periods, keep us from getting pregnant, give us more certainty and control. But what happens when things aren’t exactly as they’ve been explained’ I sat down with Cindy Luquin, a Certified Fertility Doula, Fertility Awareness Educator, and the founder of Howl at the Womb to talk about the ugly truth about The Pill. Cindy has dedicated her life to helping women of color understand their bodies, rid themselves of shame, and find personal healing and for the generations before them and to come. It starts with really understanding and unlearning all the things we’ve been taught about reproductive health. 

Why does Cindy feel so strongly about this’ After taking the pill for four years, Cindy had to have ovarian removal surgery. After that she decided it was time to take control of her reproductive health and has dedicated her life to helping other women do the same.

Many of us started the pill in our teens and, so, have been on it for years. Then when we’re ready to start a family, it’s not as simple as just stopping the pill like they told us. Cindy shed light on the issue with this little tidbit:

“It’s a four month process because it takes about 100 days for you to have healthier eggs and…to cycle out [the pill]. Or to start having a healthier reproductive system, healthier cycles, healthier habits in order for that to function optimally, whether you want to have kids or not.”

So give your body time to adjust. It’s been through a lot and it needs time to get back to its true normal.

Beyond discussing reproductive health, during our conversation I asked for some of the signs that the pill might not be for me. Quickly Cindy responded, “Trust your gut.” We all know women’s intuition is the real deal but so often we trust our doctors more than we trust ourselves. If something feels off, trust that feeling and get it checked out. You have to be an advocate for your own health.

One of the biggest takeaways from our conversation is that when it comes to your health, it’s okay to be pushy. It’s your health. In this day and age, our doctors spend limited time with us. Go in informed, knowing the questions that you want to ask, and spend the time with them getting your needs met.

For more on the pill and being your own advocate, listen to the Fit Girl Magic Podcast.


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Bri Braggs: https://www.instagram.com/fertilealchemy


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