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The Unofficial Start of Summer

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Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we all have visions of summer vacations dancing in our head.  Already this weekend, I’ve heard so what are your summer vacation plans. Which is funny because this morning I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday Morning on CBS and they were discussing the concept of vacation. We all know as Americans vacations is a dirty word, in fact in these tough economic times how many of you have forgone your vacations so that it wouldn’t look like you weren’t a hard worker. I’m SO guilty of that. Instead of taking a 1 full week, I’ll take a long weekend so that I won’t miss THAT much work, but guess what we are only fooling ourselves.  The question they posed on the program is vacation a perk or a necessity.

I think vacation is a necessity. Personally I love to plan a vacation a few months in advance so it gives me something to look forward. I like thinking about  how am I going to spend my downtime.  When I’m not on vacation, I am a very structured person and my calendar rules my life and vacation is one of the few times that I wake and decided what am I going to do today. It could range from just sitting on my butt and being catered to or something active if the moment feels right, but hey I just follow my intuition.

It’s also one of the few times that get to spend a lot of time with my husband. For two people who live together we don’t get spend enough quality time together. Yes, after 8 years of marriage I still enjoy spending time with him. LOL. Back to the topic.

Bottom-line, I think if you work hard you deserve some well earned downtime and should be respected for knowing when you need to unplug.  When I say unplug, I mean UNPLUG — no email, voice-mail, nothing but enjoying yourself.  If you are doing any of those things you run the risk of seeing or hearing something that may cause you to be sucked back into the world of work. Remember you deserve and EARNED the downtime. I know when I get back from vacation, I’m more relaxed and focused and can’t wait for the next one.

This year, I’m taking a quick trip to Florida, then heading to Vegas for a competition and Block Island.  What are you vacation plans this year’ You earned!!! Now plan it.

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