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It’s Time To Dump The Scale!

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When you are trying to lose weight, you’ll want to look at the scale every damn day to prove that you are getting the results. It’s only natural to want some form of reassurance that you are on the right path, something to show for all the sacrifices you are making are worth it. Seriously nothing beats looking down at the scale and realizing that you have lost a pound or two.

Let me break it down like this our bodies change throughout the week. It’s not uncommon for weight to fluctuate a bit from one day to the next. You hop on, on a Monday and you are down three pounds, but then a few days to find that you are two pounds heavier. Your motivation goes out the window.

This is totally natural, yet your motivation goes into the toilet. Then you start playing games to make sure that every time you step on the scale the number is lower and lower.

Sound familiar are you in this viscous cycle’

Repeat after me the scale measures my relationship to gravity. That’s it!!!!

Ready to break free and ditch the scale’ Focus on non scale victories.

How many inches have you lost’
How is your energy’
How is your sleep’
Are you starting to love with you see in the mirror’

Losing weight is not always easy, sometimes it can even feel impossible. When you learn how to focus on the way that you feel, instead of the numbers on the scale, you will take the frustration out of your weight loss journey, and doing that will allow weight loss to happen quickly and naturally.


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