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Tips for Eating Out

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In the fast paced and busy world we all live in today we don’t always have the luxury and convenience of spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a meal every day. In fact, some of us barely seem to have any time at all to ourselves, which can make it tough to plan even simple meals. Thus it falls to the inevitability that, at least every once in a while, we’re going to have to find somewhere else we can get our food.

I eat out regularly and don’t ever freak out. Here are three simple things you can do to eat out and maintain your weight.

  1. Have nutrition facts handy. Now a days you can look up anything online. I recommend you go online and find the foods that have the lowest amounts of fat, sugars and carbs. You want to focus on getting in protein and then veggies.
  1. Call ahead. A lot of places love when you do this anyways. You can call lots of restaurants on your way there and they’ll have your food ready to pick up when you walk in the door. This saves you a ton of time without having to wait in line and decide and then on top of that spend time waiting for them to cook your food. Most places will even tell you your total over the phone and some may even allow you to pay for it over the phone, saving you even more time on your lunch break. There are also many online websites that you can order online from and they will deliver to you at a specific time. These sites will also give you an estimated delivery time.
  1. Know your local options. This is important for a couple of reasons. With the availability of easy to access online reviews, you can know everything there is to know about a restaurant before you even set foot in the door. You can get an idea of their customer service, the quality of their food, and even how long you’re going to have to wait for your order (which is important when you’re on a tight schedule). Try to keep a list of your favorite places who have good food and service on standby so you’re not stuck wasting time wondering which place to eat at.

Eating out is an inevitability, but just because you’re eating out doesn’t mean you’re settling! Being a smart shopper and a savvy consumer will help you save time and money on a healthy meal on the go!

If you are like me and you travel quite a bit, click here for a clean eating travel guide.


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